What rules is important to follow the cyclist on the road?

What rules is important to follow the cyclist on the road

There is the most important thing to follow the cyclist on the road. The bicycle is not only a great tool for recreation, sports and travel but also a great responsibility. Regardless of where exactly you are traveling on your favorite vehicle, it is advisable not only to know the rules of the road but also to comply with them.

Unlike Europe, where cycling has not been developing for the first year and has already reached certain peaks, in Ukraine, with the development of infrastructure and the level of awareness on the roads, things are much worse.

Cycling experience

The main difference is not so much in the amount of two-wheeled transport but in the presence of special bicycle lanes, normal marking, convenient parking, etc. However, “they are small, so we will,” so we will understand how to behave on city roads and highways of Ukraine, in order to maximally protect not only ourselves but also pedestrians, as well as drivers of other vehicles.

In addition to complying with all the basic rules, the cyclist needs comfortable, brightly colored bicycle clothing, or, in extreme cases, sportswear from leading brands, such as Nike, Reebok or Adidas (the latter can be bought in adidas-kiev.com, Kiev, as advertising :))

Cyclists and pedestrians are full participants of the road, but you should not rely on the fact that all motorists know the rules and gladly give way to the right moment. If you see that it would be safer for you to miss the truck, better do it.

General rules of behavior on the roads of Ukraine

It is worth remembering the cyclist on the road that the movement on public roads is allowed to people of 14 years old, the younger generation led lovers can only move around the courtyards, residential areas, summer cottages, etc. Before driving onto the road, you should make sure that your vehicle is ready for this.

So, the bike should be in good condition, equipped with reflectors (from the rear – red, front – white, and on the sides – orange), a sound signal and a headlamp (in the case when you plan to move at night). However, it should be remembered that reflectors, in common sense, reflectors, are a passive safety measure, and it is much better to use active light – headlights and flashers, the benefit is that now they cost a penny.

You should also remember that if you find the same bike path, then you can only move on it, leaving the roadway will be considered a violation. By the way, driving on footpaths and sidewalks is also prohibited. Cyclists must give way to other vehicles if the cycle path intersects with the road not at the intersection.

Now a little about the goods. Firstly, the load should not prevent you from driving a bike, so not only its dimensions but also its weight is important here. As for the rules, they are quite strict: the load should not be on the sides (left or right) more than 40 cm, and not more than 1 meter in front or behind.

Cyclists are prohibited by law:

  • To keep on the move for other vehicles;
  • Remove the feet from the pedals;
  • Remove both hands from the steering wheel;
  • To transport adult passengers (it is allowed to transport children up to 7 years in a specially equipped seat);
  • Tow bikes as well as trailers.

Rules of conduct cyclist on urban roads and highways

In Ukraine, the right-hand traffic, while moving on a bicycle should be carried out on the extreme right lane as close as possible to the curb. Before making a maneuver, a cyclist on the road is obliged to give a sign to other vehicles.  

The left hand can be a sign of turning to the left. The sign to turn to the right is the left arm bent at the elbow. However, since some drivers do not remember the rules of a bent arm, it is better to give the sign of a turn to the right with the right hand. If you are going to stop, then you should sign in the form of a raised hand.

If you are going to drive around a parked car, then you should give a sign in advance in the form of an arm pointing in the direction and smoothly start taking to the left, either without lowering your hand or occasionally raising it again.

If you are driving on the main road, and the car leaves the secondary road, it is better to slow down and make sure that the driver sees you. Attention is also needed when driving around a parked car: if there is someone in it, you should go around at a distance of the open door, if the car is empty, then you should go as close as possible to it, so as not to interfere with vehicles moving along the second lane.

For the safest maneuvers, it is desirable to have a rear-view mirror or a camera that transmits the image of the road to the screen. But it should be clearly understood that this does not negate the need to turn your head – it is not always possible to correctly assess the situation in a small mirror and the more screen.

Group Policy

In the cycle trip, the participants are divided into groups of ten, with each group having a leader. On loaded tracks, it is preferable to divide into groups of no more than five. A beginner cycling ride in a column after the lead and closely monitor its signs. On wide highways it is allowed to move in two rows, in other cases it is necessary to move in one row.

If the head of the group signs, then he repeats the rest, so that all cyclists, including the closing one, have time to react and make a maneuver. In addition to the generally accepted signs on the road, a group may also have a sign in the form of a finger pointing somewhere, which will mean interference (stone, pit, etc.).

General recommendations for safe movement on the roads of

Ukraine In addition to complying with the mandatory rules, there are also a number of recommendations that will help protect all road users. First, you should remain calm while driving a bike, do not fuss, do not be nervous, and in the case of a stressful situation, it is better to dismount.

Secondly, you should not hurry, especially in the case of a busy road, because in some cases, it is haste that leads to various difficult situations.

Cyclists, however, like pedestrians, should pay attention to the degree of “visibility”: bright clothes and reflective elements will help to become more visible in the dark, fog or in bad weather.

Regardless of speed, you should keep a distance, both between two bicycles and between a bicycle and a car. The greater the speed, the greater must be the distance between the cyclist on the road users.

It is not enough to know the rules of the road for cyclists; at least it is desirable to take into account the rules of the road for drivers of other vehicles and for pedestrians.

In addition, it is useful to comply with the “unofficial rules.” In addition to the well-known DDD (give a fool a road), it is to be predictable on the road and when analyzing the traffic situation, it is assumed that some motorists may incorrectly assess your speed, dimensions, and possibilities of maneuver, and sometimes even consciously ignore you. Do not forget, the car is iron, but you are not.

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