Odlo Maillot, Bib, and bike jacket

bike jacket

Company Odlo bike jacket created in Oslo in 1946 and which in 2016 celebrated its 70th anniversary owes its name to the play on words made with the name of its founder Odd Roar Lofterød, a Norwegian who, assuming the great risk that at that time supposed the best bike us, decided to bet heavily on the textile sector linked to the world of sports.

The company of Norwegian origin, but since 1986 has its headquarters in Switzerland, is a good example of renewal. A constant renewal, looking for new challenges in a permanent way that allows through the experience that treasures and innovation and development to be a reference to quality in different sports.

Odlo’s relationship with the world of cycling is nothing new. In fact, it takes several years as the  main ambassador to the 6 times world champion and current Olympic champion of MTB, the also Swiss Nino


Satisfying the expectations of a champion of the world and a reference in the MTB should not be easy, and that is evident in the meticulous study that all their garments receive before going on the market. Odlo pampers and cares perfectly all the details and finishes of their garments, aspect that allows you to justify your price line. Odlo is first quality and comfort.

Odlo’s will in the coming years is to boost the expansion of its business throughout the Iberian Peninsula by establishing itself as a benchmark in the multisport channel, without neglecting the most specialized sectors at all. Odlo is present in addition to cycling in other sports such as skiing, trekking, running, and fitness.


Mistral logic jacket

We started the analysis top cycling apps for your workout of material with which for me it is one of its star products. The mistral logic jacket is one of the most versatile garments in the entire market.

We speak of a waterproof and windproof jacket that combines perfectly breathability and comfort, becoming this time of year, in all life insurance for the cyclist.

Its elegant and fine design clearly differentiates it from other waterproof jackets on the market, often much bulkier and thick.   In addition, the fully elastic fabric offers the cyclist a great fit to the body that leads us to evaluate the aerodynamic aspect very positively.


The Mistral Logic is a fine jacket

The versatility, of any product, in my opinion, should always be viewed from a positive point of view, and not play against or raise doubts about the functionality of the product. How many more functions can a better product fulfill. Of course, as long as these are of good quality, and this is the case without doubt of the Mistral logic.

The jacket has interesting details that are well worth noting. The rear part is somewhat longer than that of a regular long jersey with the aim of offering the cyclist greater protection against rain and mud. The design is perfectly designed to get the best performance once you are sitting on the bike, thus solving one of the most frequent problems of long jerseys or jackets:  The constant ups and downs that many garments suffer when we flex the trunk.

The jacket also has small best bike us reflective details scattered throughout its surface.

Another aspect that reaffirms its versatility is that it can be folded perfectly, getting inside one of its zippers occupying a very small space that fits perfectly in any of the back pockets of the jersey.

We observe how once folded the jacket takes little more than sunglasses.

The composition of the jacket is 100% polyester and is available in two colors: blue and yellow and in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL.


Kamikaze shorts

We continue with the short Kamikaze shorts, another good item from the Swiss manufacturer.

All cyclists know the difficulty of finding a good shirt, with a comfortable bike jacket and breathable pad. Designing quality shorts is surely the great challenge faced by cyclist clothing brands. The demand of consumers is usually maximum since our comfort with the passing of hours will depend largely on the quality of the shorts.

The Kamikaze breathe is functional shorts that stand out for having a windproof fabric in the most exposed parts, such as the center and sides.

The kamikaze short set is very attractive and fits perfectly with current fashion. An excellent gift.

All this without ever losing breathability, which allows us to evacuate perfectly generated sweat, keeping us dry at all times. In addition, the wind-resistant fabric allows us to maintain body temperature more easily. It is an ideal short for the months of warmth and demi-season.

As far as the pad is concerned, we are faced with an “endurance” pad that gives the rider a good comfort and breathability, in a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Perhaps the only improvable aspect would be the restraint, specifically the part of the perineum, where the pad is perhaps somewhat narrow and comfort, especially with the passing of the hours is somewhat diminished.

In the realization of the test also I have been able to verify that it is shorts that dry quickly, even as far as the sheepskin is concerned.

Its composition is 86% polyester and 14% elastane, offering optimum support and fit to the body. Being a culote especially interesting for lovers of the road. The bottom is also fully adapted to current trends and has virtually no visible seams.

The highly breathable shorts dry with great ease.

The Odlo Kamikaze is available in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Maillot Kamikaze aero

We closed the review with the Kamikaze aero jersey, a short jersey that as its name suggests is designed under the laws of aerodynamics with the aim of offering the rider a garment perfectly adjusted to the body. Its design without seams and fully adjusted makes us realize at a glance that we are before a competition jersey.

The aero kamikaze is a jersey of great quality, ideal for those cyclists who want to dress the latest and look well adjusted. The best quality clothing idea need to necessary-

There are many details that at first glance allow us to glimpse the quality of the jersey: The neck under this perfectly studied to reduce wind resistance and its front zipper is perfectly hidden.

A complete zipper that by the way is appreciated in summer times were climbing a port with the jersey open allows the rider to enjoy a pleasant and fresh feeling

Comfort best bike us and breathability are two other concepts that the kamikaze works with extreme delicacy. The sleeves are tremendously tight and the entire back and side of the jersey have a breathable mesh to evacuate the sweat. A very thin jersey ideal for the summer and spring months.

On the back, we can see another great detail, which shows once again the delicacy with which Odlo studies all his clothes. Inside, a small line of fine silicone guarantees a totally non-slip jersey. That solves the ups and downs that have some jerseys when we change body posture.

A thin line of silicone can make a difference.

In that same back part, we have three pockets with the ideal dimensions to carry some food and a vest or long jersey as previously described Mistral Logic. In addition bike jacket, a small zipper allows us to safely store documentation or mobile phone

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