Ultralight bikepacking gear list

ultralight bikepacking gear list

Have you ever wondered what kind of equipment to take from the trip to ultralight bikepacking gear list and bring cool pictures, and at the same time do not carry a reflex camera? Today I will present you a very light set of basic electronics and photo equipment. Weighs as much as nothing, and provides everything that is necessary. The end of carrying heavy SLRs, 220 V chargers, and other accessories. At the end of the article, I put a lot of useful solutions like “saving the battery in the phone”, I show solar mats, power bank and universal USB chargers with which you can charge your fingers and even an 8.4V battery with an SLR!

Bikepacking gear

Last year I tested a small camera with me, which ensures very good image quality. It was an advanced Canon G12 compact. I brought him a charger, a spare battery and a set for fixing filters both CPL and Cokin. It was not a bad solution, because the camera provided nice pictures in a dozen or so pop-cap rooms, just in time. I knew that it was a compromise between low weight and the quality of the photos. It was very problematic for me to find a good place to carry the camera so that it was always at hand. He quickly collected sweat in his back pocket, and it was impossible to remove it from the steering wheel bag without stopping it.

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To make matters worse for my sachets ( Review Topeak Fuel Tank), it only came in after unfastening the adapter, and continuous folding and unfolding drove me crazy. To change my thinking, I was inspired by my friend Tivadar from Hungary, whom I met on a rainy evening at the Tarnow Railway Station. When I sat at my home, Teodor told me about his current trip and showed me a photo gallery on his smartphone. Later he said that the cell was his only photographic equipment. Interesting, I thought …

A few months after this event, I decided to replace my old and worn Nokia E52 with something new. It was on the iPhone 5s, largely due to the great camera and camera with the slow-motion mode. Before I show you my ultra-light set, look at two example photos taken in a 4: 3 aspect ratio. Big reservations in such a combination can be caused by the focal length of both devices’ lenses and noise and these two aspects compare the following pictures.

I think that the quality of pictures taken with the phone really stands at a decent level. Especially, that in the holiday and sunny day the sensitivity (ISO) will be much lower, which will positively affect the look of the photo. Nowadays, we praise the computer with photos, but even a 13 × 18 cm print will come out quite good quality. Remember that this is a comparison for a really good phone camera! In the case of a simpler compact model, the difference in the quality of photos will be even smaller. There is one thing that does not have a telephone. Optical zoom. In this matter, I leave the choice to You. PS from this digital one is not worth using.

A smartphone with a good camera is enough to record the most important moments of the journey. The end of the unnecessary lifting of the so-called monkeys! Of course, this solution has limitations. Every smartphone owner knows that taking pictures at night is like shooting from a slingshot to a boar. You can, but nothing will come out … On a sunny day, we will have beautiful photos, and usually, in such conditions, we will take pictures. Personally, due to the lack of support for pen drive and memory cards, I strongly advise against choosing the iPhone *. The second aspect is the lack of a removable battery. In short: take a phone that has a memory card slot and has a removable battery (not mandatory). Do not forget to have a good camera and ultralight bikepacking gear list!

If we use the iPhone, we only have accounts in the cloud: Skydrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud. Upload to the cloud takes very slow and requires an internet connection. Not many of us are so rich to afford a 10 – 15 GB data packet especially abroad. That is why I look for free WiFi. In the case of a smartphone with card services, we buy two or more 16GB microSD cards and a memory problem with the head. Good end of whining, it’s time to show the set!

I am aware of AirStash, WD MyPassport Wireless, and Kingston Mobility Wireless G2 devices. However, they take up space and require an additional power supply. Memory costs with the iStick or Sandisk iXpand Lightning connector are cosmic, so I reject them from the place.

* I know what I am saying because I am the owner of such equipment.
** The micro USB cable shown in the picture does not match this phone. Just pretend that it is a smartphone with micro USB input.


Such a set provides energy for a few days, without the need to recharge equipment at gas stations, fast food or camping. Perhaps you are surprised by the fact of taking your iPod with you. After all, it’s an extra gadget that needs to be recharged. Yes, but its advantages outweigh the additional weight. The device is powered by a 50mAh battery, which is as much as nothing. At the same time, he can play for 15 hours. The average smartphone will play about 45 – 80 hours, but we will discharge the battery with a capacity of 1600 – 3000 mAh. In addition, we will use cells in the process of taking pictures, making videos, making calls or using the internet.

If we decide to take an external battery, I suggest choosing a USB charger with the parameters 2A, 5V. Such equipment will charge a battery pack from 0 to 100% in about 6 hours, with a weaker charger it can take up to 15 hours.


When charging your smartphone, turn on airplane mode. It disables all communication modules (cellular network, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC), accelerating the charging time and reducing power consumption. Anyway, whenever possible, try to have airplane mode enabled. Turn it off, eg once a day, in the evening for a while. Just to check if anyone contacted you. Save the battery and rest from the world!


In this paragraph, I decided to collect all useful articles that will help you save electricity and select the right source of power, as well as solve problems with charging batteries.

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I hope that in this post you found everything you need to ultralight bikepacking gear list and calmly go on a journey, even to the most remote place. Remember that patents listed here can be combined with each other and when you take a regular camera, the universal charger and power bank will be valuable like gold! In places totally cut off from the world it is worth taking a panel or a solar mat provided that the sun will not be missing. Their performance at the moment is really so. Ie. in Iceland you will not go crazy with the panel 🙂 Just remember not to save on the equipment shown here, because, in the case of cheap products, the parameters given by the manufacturer will not necessarily match the actual state. When it comes to cheap power bank, you can get a hard fuck on their capacity or be charging time.

Thanks for reaching the end. If you have any questions, leave them in the commentary. Well, remember that you can subscribe to the newsletter so that you will not run away from new entries!

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