Replace wheel – How to replace a bike wheel?

How to replace a bike wheel

I mentioned how to replace a bike wheel in the bike in the entry about the replacement of the inner tube. I will describe it in more detail here. This is a very simple task, but it is good to know that if necessary, we are able to take off the wheel. There is nothing worse than to penetrate the inner tube and not have the key to unscrew the wheel with you – if you do not have them with quick-release fasteners.

It is worth remembering that when re-inserting the quick release how to remove a bike wheel, does it correctly. In this post, I described it exactly. After re-installing the wheels, it is worth checking if they are well embedded. You can easily insert them crookedly and have a problem later while driving. A great source of E-Bike 101 – All questions, all answers


How to replace the wheels on the bike

  1. If you have V-brakes, unhook them. You have to lightly squeeze the brakes to each other and take out the “pipe” from one of the arms. If you have disc brakes, simply go to the next point, you do not have to bother with the brakes.
  2. The hub is attached to the frame (or fork) most often with hex nuts or “butterflies”.

2a. If we have butterflies – we just pull the butterfly and turn it several times to the left so that it can be taken out. The front will go out without a problem, in the back slightly tilt the derailleur, to facilitate the how to remove a rear bike wheel?

2b. If the wheel is mounted on bolts – unscrew them using the appropriate key. Usually, a flat fifteen is needed, but depending on the bike, it may be different. Next, we do the same as in point 2a.

  1. Take out the wheel.

If you have disc brakes, do not under any circumstances press the brake handle when the wheel is removed. The blocks will not have anything to clamp on and you will have to push something back into the middle of the clamp.

  1. To replace the wheel, repeat the steps – only in the reverse order.
  2. When attaching the rear wheel, make sure that the chain is well-fitted to the modes. It’s best to help yourself with a stick to get in your seat.


Anyone who has wheels for nuts, I recommend to high-pressure mountain bike tires them for butterflies. I know that the “risk of theft” of the wheel increases, but the convenience is disproportionately increasing. You do not have to carry a wheel wrench with you. And as for the theft, the wheels can be secured with an additional cable. And let us not kid ourselves – who would steal the wheels themselves today?

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