Outfit cold weather biking for winter cycling

Outfit cold weather biking for winter cycling

With the onset of cold weather winter cycling, most cyclists put their pets on the balcony, garage or other place. As a last resort, they continue to ride them on bicycle machines at home. But some still continue to ride in the winter. 

What to wear when riding in the winter on a bike

Modern equipment allows you to comfortably ride in almost any weather conditions. Bicyclists do not need to invent anything special; they may well borrow equipment from skiers or snowboarders.


When using a conventional cap, the head is strongly blown by the headwind, even at not too low temperatures, the consequences can be sad. The cap material should be warm, with a windproof lining.

Mask bandana

A very important piece of equipment. Without it, at temperatures below -10 ° C you will not ride for a long time. In winter, it is used regularly; it is removed for a short time so that the headrests from contact with the perfect winter clothing drive a bicycle.

Bike gloves winter

Also, the most necessary thing. First of all, as a rule, limbs are frozen. Need special gloves. Well suited snowboarding gloves.

Bike glasses mirror

At temperatures below -10 ° C and at very high humidity or at high speeds, the eyes start to water. There is a feeling that they hit the sand. Ordinary cycling goggles can be replaced by any ski.

Thermal underwear

Modern technologies for the manufacture of thermal underwear make it possible not to put on a large amount of clothing in order to warm up. At the same time you can sweat as much as you want. Thermal underwear is especially needed below -10 ° C, or if traveling long distances.

In winter, you can and should ride, and with comfort. Have a good trip!

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