I want to ride a bike – Bicycle gears explained

I want to ride a bike - Bicycle gears explained

The common words I want to ride a bike and how possible? In Holland, bikes (fits) are very common. They are a popular way of transportation and it is estimated that there are more than 16 million bicycles in the Netherlands. This number may include bent, rusty, one-wheeled, malfunctioning bicycles that stand linked to lampposts, bridges or sunk at the bottom of canals throughout the country. Even if they are included, the Dutch still use a huge number of bicycles every day.

Ride a bike

Some bikes look old and rusty, inherited from one generation to another. Often the lock on the bike costs more than the bike itself. And there is no need to call, as the creaking of the wheels warns pedestrians about the approach of a cyclist.

Some Dutch people like to paint or decorate their old bikes. In Amsterdam, you will almost always find at least one bicycle at the bridge, decorated with artificial flowers or painted with bright rounded patterns to give it exclusivity. Another purpose of this decor can be scaring thieves.

Unfortunately, in Holland, there is a huge amount of bicycle thefts. It is not uncommon for a suspicious-looking addict to walk with a stolen bike and stick to passersby with the question: “Fits open?” (“Buy a bike?”). And it’s good if he manages to sell him for 10 or 15 euros. But there is no guarantee that after a while, the bike will not be stolen from this buyer.

Qualification of bike

Despite the frequent cases of theft, there are many new bikes around, but you will almost never find mountain bikes. As you will not find in Holland, neither mountains, nor hills, nor valleys, nor descents or ascents, and using a mountain bike to overcome the speed bumps are ridiculous. Holland is a country located on a plain, which to some extent contributes to this widespread use of bicycles.

There are more than 4,500 miles of bike lanes in the country and many tourists mistaken for their walking paths. Cyclists do not always treat the invasion of their territory with understanding. Until the last moment, some of them have been slow with a warning bell for pedestrians (victims) about their inevitable approach. After this, the best thing to do is jump back, because in any case, you don’t have enough time to look around and choose a possible direction to avoid the arrival of a cyclist.

Advantages of bicycle

For a Dutchman, a bicycle is not just a single vehicle. The rear frame is sometimes used as an extra seat for a passenger who is willing to sit in the back, risking breaking his knees on random objects. The author of the article himself in the past inadvertently jammed the feet with the spokes of the rear wheel (he was sitting in the back of the trunk), because the bike was too close to the signpost and parked cars.

Bicycle gears explained it is difficult to say why cycling is so popular in Holland (compared to other countries). This may be due to the organization of traffic, which makes the bike a more preferred means of transportation than a car, or because cycling is a good way to keep you healthy. Also, the reason may be to avoid traffic jams.

And when all the parking spaces are occupied, there are lampposts, bridges, fences and other urban facilities, near which you can leave the bike. Or maybe cyclists just like to scare pedestrians, or they are big fans of the song “Queen” “Bicycle Race”. Whatever the true reason, the Dutch certainly adore their bikes.

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