How to water bottle cage mount adapter without screws?

water bottle cage mount adapter

We’ll see today – How to water bottle cage mount adapter without screws? Most modern bikes have one or two seats where you can screw the bottle to the frame. However, there is a group of bikes whose design either prevents or makes it very difficult to mount a water bottle basket – you can meet with it in many older bikes, as well as many modern full.

How to deal with this problem and mount a water bottle? The easiest and most convenient (though not the cheapest) way is to buy a backpack with a wineskin. There are many solutions on the market, ranging from racing rucksacks, which in addition to a 1-2-liter bag will fit at most a tube and a pump for CO2 – for rucksacks worthy of trips into the unknown.

Water bottle

Thanks to the flask you will not need to lean over the water bottle mounted behind the saddle. In addition, it usually has a larger capacity than a water bottle. The downside is, of course, the importance of this solution and the fact that we have to carry it on the back – but if it does not bother you – it is a very cool solution. Bukłaki can be bought at various prices, from 30 to even 300 zlotys and those included with a backpack. Here, it is not worth saving too much, a better bottle will return thanks to a better antibacterial layer and it will often be easier to wash it.

The second place where we can attach a water bottle cage mount adapter to the bottle is a saddle or seat tube. Here we will meet several solutions. For example, Author offers a widely adjustable boom, to which we mount our own bottle holder on the side. This allows you to install two baskets.

A tack, on the other hand, offers a shorter boom, to which we mount our favorite basket. According to the manufacturer, you can mount two baskets on it – unfortunately, I could not find out how to do it, but I think this option is-

An interesting method of assembly to the seat tube is proposed by SKS – a flexible, removable tape. Probably in some cases (round vertical frame tube) it can also be attached to the bicycle frame. This solution is cool because such a handle is quite universal and does not cost too much. Learn more about vest the best reflective bike vest – Riding bike to work benefits.


Fitting the water bottle behind the saddle has one major disadvantage – access to it requires getting used to it. Putting it in place can also cause trouble, especially during intense driving.

When buying a water bottle cage – it’s worth checking if the water bottle is easy to put on, but it will not go out after inserting. Because struggling each time to put the water bottle back into the handle located behind your back – it will not be very pleasant.

The basket can also be installed where it is traditionally located – means on a vertical frame pipe.

One of such solutions is offered by Decathlon and, according to its assurances, it adapts to any type of frame – in addition to the carbon “monologue” – for obvious reasons. In the pictures, it does not look very convincing, but it seems to be a good alternative to the water bottle behind your back.

It is worth to put some elastics (cut pieces of the old tube) under the straps, it will surely stiffen the structure and prevent scratching the frame.

Attach a water bottle

Another place where we can attach a water bottle – there is a steering wheel. This is not a solution for everyone – a counter, a lamp is often mounted on the steering wheel, there are also gear shifters and brake handles. But if you only have a little more space there and you will not be disturbed by a half-liter (or larger) cylinder in front of you – this is also a solution.

This type of mount offers, for example, Accent. It fits on differently sized blades, so 25.4 mm and 31.8 mm will be happy.


The advantage of this solution is obviously the ease of access to the water bottle, and also the fact that there is less chance of getting dirty. The downside is what I wrote earlier – a possible narrowness on the steering wheel.

I invite you to watch bicycle Tips in the form of this blog, where I will show you how to attach a water bottle cage mount adapter to the frame without holes.

If you are looking for some other (cheaper?) Solution, you must rely on your own creative creativity.

In a very old bike, in which we do not damage the paint – you can use metal clamps – with the fact that after some time they can start to rust. Alternatively, you can use plastic clamps. It is worth to put underneath the pieces of the old inner tube – because after some time (or immediately) the clamps can slide on the frame.


Another way (in the version for advanced and risk-sensitive ones ) is drilling holes and inserting threads. In the framework of carbon fiber, of course, this method is gone, drilling in aluminum is a risky solution – but steel frame – well, if we find a professional who will do it – it can work – although you do it at your own risk – because each hole drilling weakens the construction frame and may lead to its unexpected breakage – not necessarily right away, it can happen after a few months!

As you can see there are several ways and it is worth considering which one will be the best in our case.

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