How to remove grips from the bicycle steering wheel?

How to remove grips from the bicycle steering wheel

Steering remove grips commonly known as “handles” are our link to the steering wheel of the bicycle. Most often they are made of rubber, possibly from soft foam. Every now and then you have to change the grips in your bike – under the pressure of your hands, the rubber rubs off – causing them to start turning on the steering wheel. In addition, they often start to look a little aesthetically. Foams really like to break up after a while. The cheapest grips cost about 10 zlotys, the most expensive ones we will buy for over 100 zlotys.

Best method

A good way to spin your hands is to take a picture of them (if they are spinning – they should go down without a big problem) and pour in some sand. I have not tested this method – but it can be effective if it’s not too bad for the scratched steering wheel. But on the other hand, you cannot see it in this place anyway. Anyone can venture into cycling starting to pedal is continue

And what to do when we want to remove the grips from the steering wheel, and they will not move? There is plenty of advice on the internet – try to inject water, trick WD-40, use water with Louis. I usually do not have a needle and a syringe at home, and WD-40 and water with Louis – I do not think it’s the coolest option – you can always get dirty not only with your bike but also yourself.

I invite you to watch the video version of this guide, where I show my favorite way of pulling the grips from the bicycle steering wheel. Best bicycle online shop USA


Effective method

A 100% effective method for both taking off and putting on bicycle grips is simply warm water 🙂 No boiling water, but it’s just very warm. To make it more comfortable you can unscrew the steering wheel. We take a bowl, or pot, or other dish and just dip. We leave the bicycle mixture for a few minutes – during this time the rubber should warm up enough to get off the steering wheel without any problems. A minute is enough for the sponge and it should go down.

Of course, when setting up new handles, all you need to do is put the hands in hot water. Sponges are enough to get wet – you do not have to bask them.

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