How do the gears work on a road bike? 9 arguments

how do the gears work on a road bike

Although the idea itself sounds interesting how do the gears work on a road bike? And tempting, so far only a few ride a bicycle to work. People give different reasons why it does not suit them. However, if you look, the arguments in favor of the bike look quite convincing. In addition to other advantages, commuting (with English – driving to work on public transport, including a bicycle) can be your real contribution to the preservation of the environment. We consider the reasons why people do not use a bicycle to get to the office and the arguments that make these reasons not so convincing.

Go too far

This is the most popular excuse among fans of other modes of transport. Note that when the distance is really decent, you can overcome a part of the way on a bike and part on a bus. In any case, compared to driving a car, this will be a good saving, not to mention the ecology.

It takes a lot of time

You’d be surprised, but cycling in a crowded city can be faster than driving a car. This is due to the greater maneuverability and mobility of cyclists. In addition, you save time on the fact that you no longer need to go in for sports to maintain physical fitness (go to the gym or pool, run in the morning), and also circle around the area in search of free parking space.

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I will have to get up earlier

In fact, if the place of work is located from your home within 15 km, then the bike ride does not take much time. And even if the distance is longer, when compared to the car you can reach the office with a maximum of half an hour. These halves an hour just do not make the weather in the matter of early awakening. Again, remember that you will not need to spend time charging.

I lack physical fitness

Many are afraid that they will be too tired. But you can go at any comfortable pace for you. And then regular cycling to work quickly will help you get the right shape and how do the gears work on a road bike? Such a trip will charge you with activity and energy for the whole day!  

I do not have a suitable bike

No need to spend money on a new city or road bike. Remember the great one who is gathering dust in your garage. Just put it in order – it will serve you more!

I need to come to work in strict business clothes

It’s not a problem. You can take a set of business clothes with you and change clothes before reaching the office. Some are already accustomed to riding a bicycle to work immediately in their business suit. By the way, now on the Internet, you can find brands that produce casual and even business clothes for cycling.

Weather is rainy or cold

On rainy and cold days, you can, of course, refrain from commuting to work on a bike. Well, most tireless can buy a rain suit and do not give up their health benefits.

I have to drive a car

If during the day you need to move around the city at work, then all the above arguments in favor of a bicycle are relevant.

Riding on our roads is dangerous

If you follow the rules of the road and be elementary careful, the risk will be minimal. Especially if you use bicycle helmets.

Taking care of your health, saving money and caring for the environment – these are the three main arguments in favor of commuting to work, and also to the university or to school on a bicycle. It’s up to you how convincing these arguments are.

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