Clean bicycle gears – How to wash your bike?

how to wash your bike

It is worth taking care of how to wash your bike? Especially it’s driving part. It will not only revive us with a nice look but also with the trouble-free operation and quieter work. Here you can read more about cleaning and be lubricating the chain in your bike bicycle wash station. It is such a comprehensive topic that I devoted a separate entry to him. And how to wash the rest of the bike?

The most important – with a sense:) Water should not hurt our bike, but you have to be careful in the area of the bearings, i.e. at the hubs (i.e. the mechanism by which the wheels spin), with the support (this is the mechanism that makes the pedal crank turns) and in the rudders (i.e. the mechanism that makes us turn the steering wheel).

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As much as possible you can use a pressure washer, but you have to wash it so as not to rinse the grease from the bearings and damage them in any way. These are very sensitive elements in the bike, and water under pressure can quickly settle them.

Wash your bike

How to wash your bike to do it right? It is very easy. There are special sets for washing bike in shower on the internet, but a bucket with warm water, a sponge, a cloth and the best sunny weather is enough. Elements that are lubricated (pedals, rudders, hubs) are washed gently, rather with a damp cloth, not wet. Keep the chain and cassette dry, but it is best to remove and clean it properly.  After washing bike shorts, it is best to wipe it with a dry cloth and leave it in the sun (if not smokers) to dry.

Of course, you cannot forget about lubricating the chain and letting a few drops of oil to the pedals. During the washing and maintenance your bicycle properly, I also check whether there is any disturbing, rusty coating on the brakes and derailleur cables. It is worth gently let some oil into the chain, in places where the cables come out of the armor – they will work better. And a regular bicycle cleaning service, we will certainly repay us with a smooth operation and smooth ride.

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