4 reasons why people choose the best-fixed gear bikes

4 reasons why people choose the best-fixed gear bikes

Fixes are in fashion today, and often manufacturers made the best-fixed gear bikes simply use this to create models that are suitable in form, but not in content. But besides fashion, what can be riding on a bike with a fixed gear? Let’s name four reasons why people choose fixed gear.

Fixed gear bike parts

To begin with, we note that the fixes appeared practically together with the bike, and even when the first models appeared with a free move, many cyclists preferred to ride fixed gear bike choose.

Fixed gear bike maintenance

1. One of the important advantages of fixing is unpretentious maintenance. The design of this bike is very simple, and therefore more durable and light. You do not need to worry about a system with numerous gears and a switching mechanism. All you need is to ensure that the wheels are inflated and the chain is lubricated. Naturally, savings for your wallet are also visible here. For lovers of winter skiing trips will be much nicer for the same reasons – fewer working parts and fewer problems.

Bike and fitness

2. From the point of view of fitness, fixes, of course, look more efficient. Here you just physically cannot stop and will pedal throughout the distance, even when driving from a hill. Of course, it may not be easy for a completely unprepared person, but for those who already have a certain form and would like to improve it, fixed gear is the very thing!

Interesting point

3. There is one interesting point. On a fixed-type bike, it’s good to train the technique of smooth pedaling since your foot works throughout the pedal stroke; the muscles are trained to the constant uniform effort, and from different angles to the point of application. Ultimately, you will learn how to economically spend your efforts on pedaling.

Teaching bike riding

4. Finally, riding fixed teaches a more effective response in “racing” situations. On a fixed gear, a transition from a pace of 60 pedal rotations per minute to 120 can occur in a couple of seconds, for example, when you reached the top of the climb and immediately rushed down. You are accustomed to a quick change of pace, the body trains, and less lactic acid begins to be produced in the muscles, which “clogs” them. If you have already decided and are riding a fix, share with us, why did you choose this bike?

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