Seven advice- Test the bike equipment bag before leaving

bike equipment bag

Unchecked bike equipment bag may endanger your health and life, or at best interfere with a great adventure. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this. Before each trip, test the equipment. Inside you will find advice on what you need to check before you leave.

I would like to thank Marcin Hinz from the iron – Blog about triathlon for help in grasping Markdown and HTML. This post was supposed to have seven tips, but then came out. Most of us focus on improving the condition and completing the bicycle touring equipment list. Quite often, we buy it just before departure and we test it on the route. Here’s a serious mistake. This entry was made to be prepared, secured as much as possible.


This guide is part of the series titled “Seven tips”. More interesting articles can be found here:


It is on him that you will spend most of your time traveling. He will take you to his dream place. That’s why you should look after him. Before leaving, your bike should go through a complete service to bicycle camping equipment. Racing must work like a Swiss watch. Brake pads must have a lot of cladding. All movable elements (hubs, rudders, bottom brackets, pedals and bike cleaning equipment) are supposed to spin smoothly. The bearings cannot be worn, sanded, not lubricated. Wheels cannot be beaten if they have to center them. The saddle MAY be set correctly. Read Stop crushing your penis, or how to put a saddle on your bike? The same applies to the throttles. How do you set the door handle on your bike? Set the saddle and door-handles well and you will avoid injuries!

Take with you:

  • 2 spare tubes (or more)
  • a set of patches for inner tubes with decent glue
  • needed keys ( review of Crank Brothers Multi-Tool with a socket ) and spoons
  • spare spokes with the correct length
  • spare pins or brake pads
  • some oil to the chain
  • Epoxy adhesive and cable ties (for repairs on the road)


I also recommend you to listen to the sixth episode of Koło Roweru – KR006 like- discount bike equipment bag, in which Bartosz Ziemianin talks about his hitchhiking trips and helps to pack. He tosses some important tips and patents. He also tells some really amazing stories.


Did you buy a new sleeping bike energy bag? Have not you used it before at the temperatures you expect? Do not trust the producer and the numbers he has given. Sleep a few nights on the balcony, garden or plot. Check how you feel about it and note the temperatures bicycle bag for air travel. Be careful, because all-day effort and the lack of a warm meal can reliably lower your temperature tolerance! It is worth to think in advance and equip yourself with a waterproof bike bag cover to which you will hide the sleeping bag. This is the most valuable part of your inventory next to electronics. Without a comfortable sleep, no travel!


A cloud can be torn on a bicycle journey planner. That’s why you should practice pitching the tent before you go. Learn to do it in the shortest possible time. Learn to do it with your eyes closed. Here is my way for the morning: first the morning toilet, then food, packing (inside the tent), and only at the end of the tent. When one day I was eating breakfast on the Hungarian-Slovakian border, I was caught by a cloudburst. Everything I had was lying carefree on the grass, and I was sitting on the mat. Guess where was my shelter … I do not recommend this beginning dodge journey bicycle rack of the day to anyone!


The self-inflating mat is very comfortable. However, it has its cons. The biggest one is the opportunity to beat. That is, the puncture itself is poor, but patching on the road is worse. Before you leave, make sure the mat is full. Take a match-fixing kit with you on your iron horse journey bike.


Do you order food for a trip to the interior or high mountains? Three times to recount whether the portions prepared by you are sure to be enough for you. During the physical exercise which is traveling with a bike, you will consume much more food than you think.
Do not combine with new freeze-dried meals, isotonic drinks or bars. Especially when you “cast them” on an empty stomach. Will you do in spite? You’ll have a full-day stomachache or diarrhea. Watch out for canned food. The sun and high temperatures bmw travel bike are bad for their contents.
Always bring water with traveling bike bag you must be needed. When you do not have this option, when planning a route, take into account the flowing watercourses (taking water from the lake is a bad idea). Remember drinking water straight from the river/stream is a stone diarrhea. Pour water into a bottle (“dirty water” will sign it) and cook it, or drop in tablets ( Javel Aquatab or Katadyn Micropur ) or pour in poorly iodine. It will convert if you take enough of these types of tablets with chlorine and silver. And most importantly traveling bikers. Never mix dirty and clean bottles!
If you are not convinced of the tablets or you will have to clean the water for more than 2 weeks, I recommend you a very reliable article by Łukasz Supergan – Cleansing water in your pocket to get traveling bike shop- a test of 3 handy filters


Remember to bring a cartouche that will fit your burner bike for traveling. It’s best to check if they match when you buy. Gas is never enough, especially on cold or winter days. Check if your burner is operational. It may be necessary to clean it from the inside (unscrew the nozzle). Believe me, you do not want to do it shaking with cold, dreaming of warm pasta or tea …
Have you chosen a gas stove? Check the tightness of the hose and valves. Make sure nothing drips. Clean the burner thoroughly and check that the stove is smoking “from the mound”.


Take the checked phone model with you. Best older. One whose battery holds eternity, for example (Nokia E52 or Samsung Solid ). Make sure that the bike battery problem is not used up. Check which SIM card format it accepts. Turn on the phone only for a moment in the evening to answer and call. Save the battery to the max and always have it at hand. Write down emergency numbers for each country in which you will be.
Recharge 100% batteries (in the plural) in the camera, tablet, laptop, book reader. Before leaving, check if you need a different plug to the socket. Take this on Wikipedia


Check several times if you took your money with you. Are you sure you have a good currency? Do you know that there is no euro in Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Sweden or Denmark? (as of 1/06/2015). Also, take the card. You pay something out of the account or pay with a card. Inform your bank about the trip. I know of cases when this blocked the owner access to the card for security reasons. It did not take off this blockade for another month.
When you how to drive a bike without fear for longer it is worth creating an account in a foreign currency. Anyway, I’m not a cash expert, so I’m passing you on to proven hands. Best cycling holidays- choose the universal best bike equipment to recommended for you

How to pay wisely on foreign holidays belt drive bike reviews, i.e. we minimize commissions

Card for foreign holidays – for the smart



Scan all documents that you take with you belt drive bike kit (ID card, passport, insurance, credit cards, maybe driving license, car registration certificate). Write them to the file “.ZIP”, which will be unpacked only after entering the password. Save the file to the camera/phone/tablet memory card. You can also put them on your iPod, smartwatch, book reader or flash drive. The last place where it is also worth to keep such a file is a cloud. It is such a backup copy in case of baggage theft. You can keep this file from the post office, although I advise against this solution and bike equipment bag with your cycling.
Never use the “.RAR” compression program because you need an additional program to open it. “.ZIP” files are supported by every operating system (Windows, Linux, OS X) without the need to install additional programs. Internet and computer will not be everywhere. Make a copy of all the documents you take with you. This time for photocopying. Reduce them by 50% and do it double-sided. In this way, you can fit everything that is important on one, up to two pages. You can laminate them.


Before leaving, it is worth investing in the ISIC / IYTC Card (about which Bartosz Ziemianin talks in the sixth episode of the Koło Roweru – KR006 podcast .) Thanks to it, we will not only get a lot of discounts but also have the option of choosing a card with insurance (medical expenses + NNW). for students, the ITIC card for teachers and lecturers, and ITYC for all persons up to the age of 30. The validity of such a card varies by 12 months depending on the variant.
When we leave often bicycle touring tips, we take with us the way of electronics (SLRs, smartphones, laptops), and the bike itself can also cost. That’s why insurers offer electronic and bicycle insurance. It is already a matter of your approach to the subject I am not going to persuade you to spend money, but be interested in the topic before you make a decision.


I was inspired by my friend Rafał, who went to Iceland and prematurely ended his this year’s adventure mission bicycle review. Why? Equipment failed him, he was not prepared for the conditions that met him. In addition, he had an accident and cut his knee so hard that he saw the kneecap.
I invite you to read his entry Fri First thoughts after returning from Iceland as a warning. Traveling is really a great thing and a great adventure of a bicycle tour across America, but it’s worth being properly prepared for it. Thank you, Rafał for sharing the photo you can see in this article.
I wish you a successful best road bicycle trip/trip/vacation. Many challenges that will strengthen you, as well as many events that will change you as a human. However, first of all, I wish you good health!

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