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best bike equipment

Today’s entry has been devoted to choosing the most versatile equipment possible. Choosing best bike equipment and the optimal clothing, modularity of solutions, selection of appropriate, necessary accessories and tested patents. You can find all this in today’s entry.

I suggest you take a look at the luggage list, which you will find under THIS link. It is a collection of all things that I possess or have, along with a description and weight. The next sheets will list the bike equipment reviews I took on a particular trip. I think that such a file will prove very helpful when packaging. Pay attention to how much equipment I carried with me in the holidays of 2013 and how much of this was unnecessary!


This guide is part of the series titled “Seven tips”. More interesting articles can be found here:


A head full of ideas. It is absolutely irreplaceable when choosing the right equipment. Your best friend should be an electronic kitchen scale (with an accuracy of 1g). When planning the luggage we need to take with us, the most important is high functionality and low weight. I leave you to choose bike camping equipment from the durability and quality of the materials used.

First, select the items that you think are NECESSARY and lay them out on the floor in the room. Then open the spreadsheet, make a list of the division into the best camping equipment, kitchen equipment, toiletries, clothing, first aid kit, photo equipment/electronics, etc. The next step is to weigh all items and accurately describe them divided into the groups choose bicycle exercise equipment. The final step is partial and final adding the weight. Such segregation will allow you to see how many items you have and which group of luggage weighs the most.

Now the real fun begins. Make a yogurt/coffee or go for a walk/bike and brain infiltration. Spread the first group of items on the floor and look at it carefully. Think about whether each of these things is absolutely necessary downhill bike equipment to you. If you do not put it aside, create a new sheet, sign it “saved kilos”, paste the name and weight of the item there. Thanks to this simple procedure you will be able to observe the progress of slimming baggage.

You can approach the subject a bit differently. If we are more familiar, we can create so-called “Basic luggage” or bike equipment list items that always go with us, no matter what, and then adding a list of picked up items for each trip separately. The first time I was packing, I used the inaccurate kitchen scale once, and the two did not add up to anywhere that this baggage weighs. It seemed to me that I was taking slightly over 12 kg… Life showed something else …


Do you know that a steering wheel bag can weigh over a kilogram? Do you know how much your panniers weigh? And how much does the transport sack weigh, in which you carry a tent and a mat? Are you going to the mountains? Do you know how much bike equipment storage to your backpack weighs? Do you carry the camera in an additional bag/case? In the case of panniers, try to pack up to two. Even better if you also put a sleeping bag and tent/tarp/bivvy bag in them so you do not have to carry a bag that weighs more than 500g on the boot.

Cover the mat with the boot. Just pack it in a thin 20/30 L waterproof bike cleaning equipment bag weighing 80 grams. This is the fee you must pay for a clean and dry foam pad every day. Get rid of all unnecessary covers, bags, packaging, etc. You will be surprised how much you can weigh such craps. If you carry very few things, you can think about backpacks.


In how many people do you travel the most? The two of us? Break the weight of the tent for two people or change it. It does not make sense for you both to bring tents. Do you drive alone bicycle camping equipment? Buy a single tent at the very beginning. Have you already bought an “extra two”? Do not get too attached and pursue it before it loses its value. Are you sleeping on a “self-pump” weighing 600 grams? Have you ever tried a Therm-a-Rest mat, for example, z-lite? Too expensive? Enter “Packlon Lego” on Google.

You will save on weight, you will not lose on comfort, and you will gain resistance to punctures. Are you short? Cut one “panel”. Why drive something you do not use. You can cut the Karimata halfway, and put a satchel or backpack under your feet. Real saving is even 200 grams. If you like to sleep on the ground, buy yourself an aluminum 3 mm. Do you need to sleep in a tent? Maybe you will be interested in Tarp or Bivvy bag? Or maybe you do not have to take the tent’s bedroom? You can find more about the choice hand bicycle exercise best bike equipment of camping gear in WHAT TO TAKE A JOURNEY? – TENT, TARP, AND BIVY. A nice and comprehensive entry about sleeping bags and mats is slowly being written.


Look at the onions and start using the wisdom of mother nature.

It’s not that you start squeezing tears out of your eyes or living underground. Use multi-layered as the basic way of thinking about completing bicycle clothing guide. Invest in sleeves and legs. Long-sleeved shirt weighs about 180-220 grams, sleeves only 40. With legs is even more interesting. Thin, long pants weigh about 350-400 grams, and legs only 80 grams.

Thanks to this simple procedure, we saved about half a kilo. Riding in a thermo-active T-shirt with a long sleeve, I always put on a shirt with a short sleeve on top. It was warm in my hand, but sweat was quickly pouring from my back. It was similar to shorts and bike clothing cheap too other. While my legs were warm, my ass was very fast. Definitely too fast. Driving in shorts and trousers is optimal for me at temperatures around 8 degrees above zero.

When we compare the weight of 100 fleece and insulated cycling sweatshirt, it turns out that the weight will show 438 grams and 338 grams respectively. If the temperature drops below 4 degrees, we put on a T-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, sleeves and a cycling companies blouse. The temperature drops below zero? Wear a thin, long-sleeved shirt underneath. Damn it? Throw in the windbreaker. Thanks to this selection of clothes, you gain a greater number of combinations in choosing cycling clothing design and the right garment for the given weather conditions.

A few sentences and examples in the form of photos can be found in the entry: What to take on a trip? – Basic luggage, which will soon be thoroughly rewritten. Choose only those clothes that you need, and if you have something to buy, think about whether you will find something lighter / more versatile. Check, however, how you react to specific temperature ranges and choose the perfect bike clothing for plus sizes set for yourself. Jump for 2-3 hours and check clothes. Also, remember that mornings and evenings are cooler, so you must have an extra layer of clothing before you warm up or when the sun starts to set. The best way- how to improve your cycling speed from the best bike us in your biking-


“I’m not a supporter of aluminum pots. I’m sorry for the money for titanium vessels. I want to save weight. Maciek, what should I do? ”

What do you eat while traveling cycling long distance food? How often do you cook? I am the owner of a steel set of 1.3 L and 0.7 L pots, a 0.7 steel cup and an aluminum bottle. In total, this set weighs up to 670 grams. For a 1.3 liter pot, I made a gear holder with a gear rope (thanks to toosh888) and a cover made cycling energy food of the thin aluminum sheet. If I’m going to cook, I’m taking a 1,3 L pot with a lid. The cup can replace the truncated bottom of the PET bottle (only be careful not to get burned!).

For short trips, where I will not cook pasta/porridge (potatoes, bread, sausage from the campfire 5 day food cycling formula and food in the shelter), a 0.7L steel cup with a lid is enough. In two rounds I can cook enough water for tea from growing herbs/pine needles growing up and the morning portion of porridge). I add Spork Sea to Summit made of plastic to the set. It weighs 11 grams, it costs 4 zlotys. And what about the burner? I dialed my igniter and went down with a weight of 11 grams, (but it goes on sale because it’s too heavy for me). Instead, I bring a tinder that is more practical carb cycling food plan. In the case of weekend trips, it is worth recommending to carry a carton of 100 g instead of 220 grams of gas.

Learn more about best bike equipment may be bicycle repair kits are available to you


Instead of a DSLR, you can carry a compact with interchangeable optics such as Olympus E-PL1, Olympus OM-D E-M5, and Sony Alpha NEX. An interesting alternative is advanced compact cameras such as the Canon G12. If you do not care for the stunning quality, can you get photos taken with GoPro Hero 3+ or Sony Action Cam? Oh, and forget about the camera tripod! You do not write a blog, do not take a tablet, let alone a computer. Take the phone, charger and optional headphones. That’s enough for your cycling resources and best biking.

Instead of a camera charger and bike battery charger, you can choose the Pixo C2 + universal charger or similar. Limit the number of chargers, cables, and accumulators. Take the shortest cables and try to select devices that need the same type of plug, eg micro USB. Maybe it is better to buy new batteries for the flashlight along the way than to carry the charger and aku to recharge them twice? Do you want to take Kindle? You can do it without him for two weeks;) Is not it nice to cut off contact with people online and other stimulants for a while?


Get rid of the water bottle and transport water in ordinary PET bottles. For cycling you only need a tiny headliner, you will only use best bike equipment in a tent. If you’re not going to chop firewood, take a small but sharp knife. If you attach one of the rope attachments to the tree, you will get a rope to hang the laundry. Instead of clothespins, take office clips. They are much stronger, a little lighter and more practical bike accessories bag. You can carry the laundry hanging on panniers or steering wheel. Put small scissors in the first aid kit, they will be useful for cutting bandages and will replace the nail clippers.

Choose bike accessories brands and a minimum amount of spare parts and keys. A well-groomed and pre-departure bicycle is not spoiled so often, and if it breaks down, you will often not fix it yourself (eg without a new rim). For spare parts, take links, spokes, chain clips, a few spare screws, patches and inner tubes. With tools, tire spoons, basic keys, and screwdrivers. You can take a scout (but if you have cufflinks it is not necessary – Thanks to RafaƂ!), A spoke key will be useful. Also, remember to equip yourself with a good bike pump air compressor. If you are traveling in several people, divide the tools between yourself. There is no need for them to be duplicated;)

Summary – holiday bike drive

Do not worry that you do not have a super-light tent for two thousand, that you could not sleep under the tarp, or that you bought a synthetic sleeping bag instead of three times more expensive because you did not have the money / you do not need it. If possible, choose holiday bike rack what you have. However, limit the number of packed items to the necessary minimum. Make yourself a challenge Fri “I will take only 100 items”. In carrying small luggage is not about putting a few thousand zlotys on titanium pots and burners, ultralight sleeping bags and tents holiday bike insurance.

The point is not to carry unnecessary ballast to relieve the feet during the finishing driveway, it is about relieving the rear wheel, increasing the maneuverability of the bicycle, increasing bike drive chain the efficiency of braking, making life easier. During well-deserved holidays/holidays enjoy the ride and views and do not bother with the equipment bike the drive cost. Now I leave you with this positive thought and see you in a week!

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