How to clean and lubricate bicycle chain?

lubricate bicycle chain

The chain is one of these elements on the bike, which were taken care of most. Its everyday cleansing lubricate bicycle chain and preservation will make it viable for us to skip subsequent kilometers with pleasure and barring technical problems.

When ought to you take care of the chain maintenance? Always when we had been cycling in heavy, muddy conditions. And also when he starts offevolved to squeak, croak and make different unusual noises. An appropriate notion is also to smooth the chain after iciness even when the bike used to be in the room all the time. I will not hide, I do not care too lots about the chain.

In the feel that I do no longer clean it as frequently as it should, I every so often grease it barring first cleansing it. But … And so I do it quite often. It is unacceptable to easy and lubricates the chain, eg as soon as a year, to start the season. Then you can also be surprised that the chain used up very quickly, or it squeals something all the time.

How to clean the chain well?

First off we take it off the bike. How to take off the chain I described here. You can get one-of-a-kind chain cleaning machines on the market. Their usefulness, however, is dubious in my opinion. When you read the opinions of humans who sold them – you can examine that they usually spray cleansing products around and are expensive.
Cheaper and not too tough solution, in my opinion (and now not solely mine) extraction gasoline (which we get in any development store) or citrus, ecological degreaser. After getting rid of the chain, rub it with a clean cloth, getting rid of the largest filth (clods of mud, etc.). It is well worth having a clip on the chain to take it a few seconds to take it off.


Then, throw it into a plastic bottle after the drink (preferably with a thicker neck to make it less difficult to put off it later) and pour the degreaser (so that it covers the chain at least in half). We close the bottle and shake the bottle fully for a few minutes so that the degreaser/gas gets in every place. Then we cast fuel (it can be poured into every other container and depart it for the subsequent time, the precipitate drops and the fuel will be smooth again) and we take out the chain. Now you have to put it returned in a dry vicinity for about an hour to dry.

When the chain is removed from the bicycle, it is also worth to clean the front and rear sprockets. Removing the front is not a desirable idea, the extra that we have desirable access to them and can be quickly cleaned. It’s best to wipe them with a smooth cloth, moistened with gasoline.

The bicycle cassette will be less difficult to clean, absolutely casting off it ( How to eliminate the cassette from the bicycle ) and, like a chain, immerse in extraction fuel and wash it thoroughly.

Of course, this is a way to 100% easy the chain. And let us now not youngster ourselves, it takes a moment. That’s why I wash the chain each and every now and then, say every two months. In the meantime, I just take a cloth, pour some solvent on it and, catching it by the chain, flip the pedals backward.

I invite you to watch the Bicycle Tips part on YouTube, in which I talk about cleansing and lubricating the lubricate bicycle chain in a bike.

How to lubricate a chain in a bike?

First of all, I advocate against the use of lubricants for ŁT-41 rolling bearings. The grease is great, but it does no longer work on the bike due to the fact it rapidly catches filth and after some time we will have mud and sand in the drive, blended with the grease.

Secondly, I propose towards the use of penetrating WD-40 type sprays. They are best for penetrating hard-to-reach places, but they are quickly eliminated from the chain by way of the chain.

Lubricate the bicycle chain

To lubricate the bicycle chain it is fantastic to use oils specifically designed for this purpose. I have been the usage of Shimano PTFE oil for quite a few years – it is very efficient, it lubricates well, but at the identical time dust does not catch the chain so much. Of course, the chain needs to be washed anyway, but with the lubricants, I have used so far, this works best. There are of course many different oils on the market, it is well worth just paying interest that it is supposed for bicycle chains.

You can buy oils of a number of densities, suitable for various, particular functions (riding in mud, in the snow, on sand) – however, for everyday use, it is all-purpose.


Get more knowledge if you like it- What is the chain suck and what causes it?


Wipe the chain dry with a smooth cloth and put on a bike. Then, put a drop of oil on every link. We rotate the pedals so that the oil spreads precisely over the chain. We wait a few minutes and when the grease is absorbed into the chain – we wipe off the excess with a cloth. The chain is dry outdoor – and only lubricated inside.

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