Clean bike chain – Washing and cleaning the bicycle chain

Clean bike chain - Washing and cleaning the bicycle chain

How to clean bike chain? A bicycle chain is the most unprotected element of bicycle transmission. It is subjected to very high loads and the influence of all possible atmospheric and mechanical effects. Therefore, it is necessary to treat it carefully and take care of it regularly. Regular care will save you from premature stretching or breaking the bicycle chain at the most inopportune moment. In this review, we will talk about the “civilized” way of cleaning the chain, which is washing and cleaning the bicycle chain with the help of a special machine.

Working typewriter

In the market of similar machines, there is a great variety. We will focus on some of them, as the brightest representatives of their price class.

C & L

The first and most affordable machine will be inexpensive, in the range of $ 8-9 C & L.

To clean the chain with such a machine does not need to dismantle the chain. This will please those who have not yet acquired a chain with a lock, which is highly recommended. It has a number of advantages common to all devices of this kind.

  • Quick clean
  • Clean hands
  • Easy disassembly and maintenance
  • Very easy to use
  • Four rotating brushes
  • Two-stage cleaning.

It is extremely easy to use the washing device – we pour the detergent into the container, fill the chain in the guide rollers, close the lid, fix it with a handle. Scroll the chain. At this time, it passes through the cleaning brushes – rollers and squeezing the sponge. Drain the tool and if there are doubts about the quality of cleaning, repeat the procedure again until complete satisfaction.

Conclusion band

This machine is simple and very inexpensive. Frankly, the quality of plastic leaves much to be desired. Works squeaking and with a little nervous strain. Holding it in your hands, you feel like Bruce Willis, who clears the digital, mine, and she cans blabhnut at any moment. Such a machine is good for Russian roulette lovers or for very rare uses.

Bike Hand YC-791

The next device will be a Bike Hand YC-791, a machine of higher quality and inspiring a little more confidence. Let us turn to its execution.

The principle of operation is exactly the same as the previous machine. Having filled the chain and the bay of the cleaning agent, turn the pedals with one hand, with the other we hold the device. Clean the chain to the desired condition and dry before lubricating.

Wash easy

The advantages of this machine should include collapsible rollers. This makes washing bike them much easier and adds two to three rinses to the life of the plastic parts. Replacing brushes does not make sense because of the cost of such a machine – about $ 18.

She also has drawbacks, but not so alarming. The cleaning fluid accumulates on the rear overhang and drips onto the floor. Foam seal rubbed after the first cleaning, but not great trouble to make a new one with your own hands. So, for my money machine works quite adequately.

Super b bike tools

Super-B (Super Bike Tools) offers a perfect setting for cleaning both clean bike chain and bike stars. We must beware of fakes. Pay attention when buying a logo! At a price of about $ 27 is a very good option, and with two more devices in addition – a brush and a scraper. Very high-quality roller brushes, quite easy to handle. A plastic case can survive more than one chain and, with more or less careful handling, there will be no cracks and chips.

There are, of course, minuses – the price; it is undesirable to use active chemicals as a washing liquid (leaded gasoline, white spirit),

General conclusion

In general – a successful machine for cleaning the chains. It would be good to make the body of a material that is more resistant to aggressive media.

Pedros chain machine kit

It is impossible not to mention another premium chain in this review – Pedro’s Chain Machine. Yes, it is expensive. But believe me, it is worth the money. If you get a case to buy it second-hand – take it without thinking.

Very high quality case, complete with detergent and a brush to remove dirt. 103 cleaning roller brushes. Very even and deep penetration into chain links. Does not require manual support when cleaning. In short, the pleasure of all $ 35. Although it looks like a Chinese children’s toy, it is a deceptive impression. If you spend money on a typewriter, then it’s better for this one.

Different chains

Thus, we have found out who is who among the chains. There are different reviews about whether they are needed in principle or not, there is a debate and debate. But the choice is always for the person who can think with his head.

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