Bicycle chain lubricant recommendations

Bicycle chain lubricant recommendations

I often see on the Internet the opinion that the bicycle chain lubricant recommendations WD40 is an excellent universal lubricant, and people use it in many cases, including lubricating a bicycle. Is it correct?

The fact is that WD40 is not literally a lubricant. The composition of this fluid is a white spirit, some substances that the company keeps secret and only a little light oils. At its core, this drug is a solvent, not a lubricant.

Best bicycle chain lube review

White spirit has increased fluidity, and in this case, it is a vehicle that delivers oil to hard-to-reach places. Reaching the right place, the liquid dilutes the soured oil, rust, and so on.

Nothing good will happen if you splash the WD40 on a bike chain and ride. The liquid will “lift” all the dirt that has settled inside the links, mixed with a dried lubricant, and, thanks to flowing white spirit, will force them out.

Literally ten kilometers away, your chain will be already dry, and this is the worst, except for the skew that can happen to it. Friends, do not buy into advertising this tool, which says that it protects the metal from corrosion. This is absolutely not true. Poured over the WD40 chain, you washed out the old grease from it and left it to rust dry.

Chain lubrication for bike

The ideal strategy for a lubrication bicycle chain. Splash WD40 on it, then pedal ten times until the dissolved dirt comes out and wipe it off with a rag.

Then gently drop one drop of bicycle chain lubricant on each chain link (if summer is, I recommend Pedro’s Extra Dry). Spin the pedals again so that the oil penetrates into all the joints and wipe off the residue with a cloth. You can read more in the article about the maintenance of the bicycle chain.

Note that when spraying an aerosol onto a chain, the liquid may settle on the brake surfaces of the rim or brake discs. I would recommend closing these places with a rag during chain lubrication.

Properties of lubricants

To summarize, WD40 is a good tool for cleaning mechanisms before lubrication, but this preparation itself is not a lubricant. You can handle all the bicycle components – bushings, carriages, steering, but only to remove the old dried lubricant.

Bike lubrication oil

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