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Best Bike carriers holidays – the most beautiful holiday ever. But first MTB and drivers have to arrive safely at the resort.

Even if you would like to sit on the bike the whole time: sometimes it is not possible without a car. For example, if you want to go on vacation by bike.


What should I look for when buying a bicycle rear carrier?

You should definitely know how many bicycles you want to transport maximum and at the same time pay attention to the weight of the wheels. There are bicycle carriers with two to a maximum of four bicycle parking spaces in the basic form. Depending on the manufacturer, these can be extended by an additional rail. With the exception of the carrier with four seats. Very important of best bike us is the maximum vertical load of the towing hitch of the towing vehicle. Because the lower the value, the less weight may be transported.


Our tip:
Consider both aspects before making a purchase decision!

Do I have to show my bike carrier at the TÜV?

All vehicles with EU approval marks do not need to be presented to the TÜV. The test number can be found on the nameplate of the bicycle stand.

How fast can I drive with a trailer carrier?

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend a recommended speed of 130 km / h. However, this is not stipulated by law and therefore not restricted.


We recommend: 
For safety reasons, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How much weight can I load my bike carrier?

Observe the payload data (maximum payload) on the nameplate of the bike carrier. It must be taken into account that the payload plus the vehicle’s own weight must not exceed the permitted vertical load of the hitch.

Is it possible to transport one of the newer electric bikes?

You must be careful not to overload the bike rack. E-bikes are relatively heavy, but if the weight limit is not exceeded, it is no problem.


If you buy a bicycle rear carrier for which there is a loading ramp, then you can easily slide the electric bike onto the carrier.

What is the difference between a cheap carrier from the hardware store and a brand bicycle rack?

The main differences lie in the functionality and weight of the materials used. The lighter the material, the easier the handling for you as a customer. Well-known carriers are usually always lockable and hinged. These are the most important points in practice and of course influence the price.


We know from experience that customers use a quality carrier over many years. In particular, also because the carrier can be used in a vehicle change on. Buy good quality right from the start, saving long-term trouble and money!

Where do I stow my carrier when I’m not using it?

There are various wall mounts in our shop, which you can fix in the garage or in the basement on the wall.

Allen best Sports 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack the best bike us-


Use the front wall of your garage. This place is mostly unused. Place the wall bracket at a height that will allow you to continue unhindered into your garage.

Is it possible to use a bicycle rack on every vehicle with a tow bar?

Basically yes. Only in off-road vehicles with a spare tire on the tailgate, there may be problems. Care should be taken here that the carrier manufacturer offers an off-road stirrup for his product so that the carrier can be placed neatly in the horizontal position.