With the bike to the office – the guide for commuters

bike to the office

Best bike us and information with the bike to the office – the guide for commuters-

You do not have to be an eco-freak and walk around in Birkenstocks all day to show that our nature is close to our hearts. Anyone who overcomes bike to the office his early morning bastard and sleepwalking with his best bike us in the direction of work is already doing everything right. Whether on the BMX, folding bike or high-tech mountain bike – just let the cart stand and instead strive the good old bike saves money, nerves and often time.

Quite apart from the many other benefits that bring the commuting with the bike so that any hardcore commuter can recite by heart: Protects the environment, good for the health, relatively low maintenance, low running costs and. The mantra of the bicycle commuter is convincing and finds more and more supporters everywhere in Germany. But without monetary effort, it has often swiftly shuttled even on two wheels.

Who rents off several miles five days a week and thinks that the involuntary rust-colored wheel from the grandmother despite years of strange noise holds years will soon depend on the bus again. Even on shorter distances quality and processing are important cycling computers in the long run. That’s why we help you to find the right bike for your way to work.

Which type of commuter are you?

Passionate cyclists without a Hartz-4-decision were always faced with the same dilemma: Do I take my sweetheart on two wheels to drive to the office or do I buy my own bike to commute? Conversely, novice cyclists are often faced with the question of which bike they can use to kill two birds with one stone and be well on their way to work and leisure time.

The main factor, as so often in life, is the money and, of course, the intended use. If you like cycling the cyclotrons bike and have no problem navigating the narrow wheels over paving stones and tram tracks, you will probably have fewer problems with this question than the endure rider, who does not really want to ride his 8,000 € on paved sidewalks, And a new bike for the city with solid equipment you usually get for 500 €. The fact is: for commuting, some bike types are better than others. Which companion suits you best and which advantages and disadvantages await you, we show you now.

The stylish – Urban Bike

For many, cycling has long been a lifestyle. Bicycles are often selected only best bike us for optical reasons and then presented at the highest possible view yield in the city center. These include not only eye-catching cruisers or retro bikes but also the bike to the office increasingly popular Urban Bikes, a name from the marketing vocabulary resourceful product manager for modern city bikes with that certain something. As the Urban Bike category is difficult to define clearly, vintage bicycles and fitness bikes often come under this name in addition to city bikes of all kinds. As a rule, however, all are suitable for commuter bikes and are characterized by their individual style. The design varies from minimalist-clean diamond frames to nostalgic shapes and can often accommodate all sorts of accessories, such as bags and lighting components. Often they are driven by a low-maintenance hub gear and are well manageable thanks to wider tires even on wet road surfaces. On a suspension fork is often omitted in these bikes.


Best for:

  • Commuters with optical demands
  • Extrovert bikers


  • Mostly easy to handle hub gears
  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Good mix of comfort and dynamics


  • Just a pure city bike


The sporty road bike

Since the way to work often leads on paved roads, it makes sense first to get the beloved road bike for the short haul from the basement. But when high curbs, cracks in the pavement or even paving stones come into play, the fun stops for most. Therefore, a pure road bike is more suitable for longer stretches on well-maintained bike paths, which are often unfortunately only found out of town. In the narrow traffic turmoil, the narrow tires and the sensitive frame but sometimes overwhelmed helplessly and drives you the one or other extra drops of sweat on the forehead. In addition, according to road bike etiquette is a complete Lycra outfit duty, which might be optically and functionally out of the question for some.


Best for:

  • Experienced commuters with speed in the blood
  • all the lucky ones who have proper bike paths at their doorstep


  • Fast & easy – certainly the best time on long journeys
  • Perfect for the subsequent Feierabendrunde


  • Off the (well-developed) road is often a pain
  • Sitting position is not for people with backs


The rowdy cross bike

If you live in the countryside and find one or the other dirt road with deep tractor grooves on your way to work, you should take a look around best bike us in the field of cross bikes. The sporty all-rounders are on the road as well as in the light terrain a guarantee for the safe arrival at work and do not shy away from the spontaneous shortcut through the forest. The mix of mountain bike and road bike also looks damn cool and can make you look like unsuspecting colleagues as a true bike pro with a loose budget. But the bunny shop from the curbside has to sit down! You often get solid cross bikes for less than 500 € and have quite attractive components. Furthermore, the bikes also provide plenty of comfort bike to the office in commuter life and usually have holes for additional equipment such as luggage rack and fenders. An all-around carefree package for those who do not want to spend a fortune on a versatile two-wheeler or want to explore the city with their newly acquired bike.


Best for:

  • Biker with versatility
  • Road cyclists or mountain bikers who also want to get a taste of the other’s world.


  • Best solution for mixed terrain
  • Can also serve as an entry into the off-road world
  • Robust frame and easy handling


  • Typical all-rounder phenomenon – can do everything, but nothing very well


The Exit – fixed or single speed bike

If you also want to make an impression in the cycling community with your commuter bike, then a fixed is a good choice. Nothing screams more for bike elite and purism than the bikes without freewheel and gearshift, which have certainly sent one or the other careless cyclists in a high arc over the handlebars. The single speed is a little more gracious and gives the unsuspecting commuter the freewheel, but there are no gears. But once you get used to the speedy driving, you can expect pure cycling fun. Full controls, good driving experience, low weight and, above all, practically nothing, which can break the part, make the route to the office a small pre-desk adventure. Of course, your way to work should not be half an Alpine crossing,

Best for:

  • Experienced cyclists with the urge for the special
  • Lowland cyclists who enjoy rather than commute


  • Low weight, unique handling
  • Low maintenance
  • Every ride is a little mini-workout


  • Even smaller climbs become a sweaty affair
  • Every ride is a little mini-workout


The practitioner – folding bike

Ok, one thing first: in the long and traditional history of cycling is the best bike us, there was probably no one who has looked cool on a folding bike. If you do not want to feel like a circus clown on a mini bike, you should look for another guide for commuters. But if that is puerperal and who has a heart for inner values, you will certainly be happy with a folding bike. Because the practical aspect of a collapsible bike is not to be dismissed out of hand: Easy to stow away (whether on the train or in the office), low price and still a fully functional bike to the office, often with transportation for luggage – a dream for everyone, of functionality over design.


Best for:

  • Rader with the heart in the right place
  • Hybrid commuters who travel by bike or public transport.


  • True space wonder
  • Well-equipped despite its small size
  • Small size – (usually) small price


  • Win no beauty award
  • Also, win no speed prize


The comfort lover – e-bike

The e-bike hype of recent years is certainly due to all those bike commuters, who were the sweat on work up to his neck. No one likes to sit drenched at the desk and steam in front of him, and not everyone has just such a shower in the corridor. The e-bike can help: Thanks to the engine assistance, you can divide up your power and reach a considerable speed uphill with little effort. The technology is now very mature and thanks to powerful batteries and efficient engines, the electric bikes now reach a considerable range, so you do not have to commit to power wholesale electricity theft to get back home. If you want to travel a bit faster again, you need an S-pedaled with which you reach a whopping 45 km / h and compete with a scooter or moped. E-bikes come in numerous designs such as e-mountain bike or e-city best bike us and are now available from almost every manufacturer.

Best for:

  • Sweaty, well-dressed business people who cannot afford deodorant weakness
  • Long-distance commuters


  • Higher range thanks to engine
  • Less physical training needed
  • Despite technology easy to drive and fast to start


  • Expensive
  • Very difficult

Tips for everyday commuting

Now that everyone has found their perfect partner for the journey to work, here are a few basic tips on commuter bikes and commuting in general.

  • Find out about actions and initiatives such as cycling to work. If your employer participates in such programs or would like to participate in your request, prices or benefits are
  • Take good care of your luggage. Lighter things are very good on the back, but as soon as you have to transport weight properly, transport bags is the best choice.
  • Do not be dirty. Even if you do not make a detour to the dirt track on the way to work – dirt finds a way on your beautiful work clothes. Especially bike to the office in wet conditions, you quickly have spots on your beautiful pinstripe suit. That’s why: Fenders.
  • Upright sitting position. Adjust your saddle and handlebars so that you have an upright, elevated seating position, with which you have the traffic well in view.
  • Tubeless tires( Tubeless Ready ). Because nobody needs aboard when the important meeting with promotion potential is pending.

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