What brings people together? Tandem brings people

What brings people together Tandem brings people

The uniqueness of this bike and what brings people together?  Let’s approach it from the point of view of human relations. Tandem is the first bike in all bicycle community.

Tandem, of course, brings those who ride on it. This can be a married couple or just two familiar people on their bike or rent it to ride. The tandem rental has become very popular in Europe and this trend in bicycle rental is becoming increasingly widespread. When pedaling on a tandem, it is important to properly distribute the role, as well as such qualities as mutual trust and friendliness. If teamwork will succeed, travel in tandem will be a favorite pastime in your free time.

Distribution of roles when riding in tandem

The function of the person who sits ahead is to control the bike and visual analysis of the road – it can be called a navigator. The man sitting behind is aft, he is also a full participant in traffic, and can always provide additional useful information about the traffic situation: overtaking cars recommend maneuvers, the show turns and help to brake. If this is not about a regular walk, but about a long cycle trip, then the fodder’s duties include keeping track of the cargo being transported, watering and even acting as a photographer on the go.

Riding a tandem bike

Tandem riding together can really become a determining factor in the future relations of people and will unite the team. For example, a young couple, going on a bike trip on a tandem, can test their feelings for strength, as well as establish mutual understanding and learn to trust each other. Many couples associate cycling with romantic moments in movies and many of them would love to repeat it. In Europe, couples are increasingly renting a tandem for a date and then choosing it for wedding photo shoots.

Tandem has long been used for people with disabilities. A trip as a stern for such people can become a means of rehabilitation and serve as a simulator. In this way, you can train to ride a bike.

Organizational moments of arrival in tandem

The design of the bicycle frame is designed for two or more people. Due to the double force of pedaling, the tandem can develop great speed. The headwind affects only the person sitting in front, the one in the back is in more comfortable conditions. The navigator is responsible for steering, switching speeds and provides the main braking. The main force of the tandem is aft. In a professional environment, they are called Stokers.

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