The table is not a matter of aesthetics!


The table is not a matter of aesthetics! Is it a real word? It is a great source of best bike us-

M is not only a matter of aesthetics: it is directly related to the cyclist’s comfort and performance, where a few millimeters best bike us in length or degrees of inclination make all the difference.

Why not a matter of aesthetics

Table, steering bracket, handlebar advance, headset, stem, no matter the name given, certainly already devoted some of your time to evaluate the table length should be used in your bike to achieve the best positioning.

While being treated by many as an extremely simple component, this part is responsible for the entire rider’s comfort and bike driveability. This is because the choice of an ideal frame should be made taking into account the height and reach of the cyclist to the handlebars. For this, the table is presented as a component that will collaborate to adjust the reach of the handlebar either in height or distance from the handlebar in relation to the center box. But to arrive at this measure it is important that before that the height and the correct retreat of the saddle are found and that for this it is necessary to be with the pads of the spatula properly aligned.

As you can see, the choice of a table is not simply related to whether or not you feel comfortable on the bike. Being comfortable is not a sign that you are getting the maximum comfort and performance from the table you are using. Cycling is as efficient as walking but why yes or no!

But on the other hand, wrong choices are directly related to aches and numbness in the hands, arms, neck, back pains and staggering, a table that is longer or shorter than the ideal one moves the balance center of the cyclist causing the weight to remain more concentrated on the pedals or the saddle is the best bike us, thus causing numbness in the feet and leg pains, parenthesis in the genital region and troubles in the region that the ischium touches the saddle. This displacement of the center of balance of the cyclist also causes difficulties to drive the bike in technical routes and in closed curves.


Based on this information, it is now easy to understand why the most common mistake in choosing and buying a bike is to choose it by considering only the length of the seat tube. The most common is a person saying, “I have x-height and horse Y (between legs), so my ideal frame is oz.” Assuming that this reasoning is right (and is not), fitting the length of the seat tube is the smallest problem you can have on a bike, after all, it is the easiest to correct as it simply increases or decreases the height of the saddle, moving the canister up or down.

The correct choice of a frame is related to the stack and reach of a frame. It is important to note that the scope of the frame is completely different from the length of the top tube. At this point, the table is essential to compensate for small adjustment differences with a shorter or longer table and even increase the height of the handlebar using tables with a higher degree of inclination and vice versa.


Therefore, when a person buys a smaller than ideal frame it is common to observe that the cyclist withdraws the saddle to the maximum and changes his table by a very large table. Then, we have a consequence: the exaggerated retreat of the saddle causes a loss of the axis of force in the pedal and the long table will leave the bicycle “leader” in the curves. Consequently, when buying a very small frame, the rider advances his seat a lot and shortens the table as much as possible. With this, the pedal’s power axis is also lost and the short table will leave the bike extremely aggressive, where the slightest lateral movement on the handlebar will cause large lateral movements on the bike.

Summarizing this reasoning, the table should have a proportion to the frame correcting the rider’s reach for more or less. But in addition, the table is also critical to adjust the height and distance of the handlebar.

Bicycles that have the same best bike us frame size have different steering box heights, so cyclists often need to place their desk in a positive way to increase the height of the handlebar or to install it in a negative way to decrease the height of the handlebar.

-When you ride a bike, you must notice that your bike has a mudguard? and it’s every day

The table should have a certain proportion to the size of the frame to provide a good armpit aperture and a good degree of trunk inclination to the ground as well as adequate hip flexion and this is only possible with the guidelines of a specialized professional, suggesting the best table for your current table.

The evaluation and adjustment of a Fitter are much cheaper than many tables that exist in the market. You spend less doing a good Bike Fit than buying and testing various models of advancement.

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