Stop crushing your penis! How to set a saddle on bike?

saddle on bike

From this entry, you will learn how to properly position the saddle on bike. We set them horizontally, vertically and set the tip of the saddle at the right angle. Inside you will find a lot of pictures showing the position of the legs, the position of the cyclist and tips on how to set the bicycle saddle post. Everything so that you can be comfortable your bicycle saddle cover. A few years ago I tested various saddle settings. We ended up walking on crutches and 1.5 years of rehabilitation. Avoid my mistakes and enjoy the health and safety driving at work joy right away!

Saddle positioning is simple but bike seat is fixed, but everywhere I see people riding with a badly positioned bike saddle discomfort. As I mentioned above, I also had a bad set (only that in a level). It seems that everyone can do it. However, when we go into details bicycle saddle brands, each of us gets as pale as an albino’s ass. It’s time to change it. Take care of your health and comfort the bicycle saddle adjustment! You can do such an operation at any time, but the most pleasant thing is to do it right after the spring review when the bike is clean and lubricated, and the weather encourages driving.

Attach to this entry with a calculator bicycle saddle width, a pen, a card, a hot drink and something to eat. Ready? Get Ready!



Setting the correct saddle position cycling is the most basic adjustment you need to make. Unfortunately, few people pay attention to this. Badly placed saddle embolism causes muscle contractures, knee pain, prostate compression, back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain. You can even get injured. In some article, I found info that “setting a too low height can accelerate leg fatigue by up to 12 percent!”. It is difficult for me to verify this information about bicycle saddle reviews – consider this as a curiosity. You may think that you do not need it because you do not do 200 or even 300 kilometers in one day. Not true. The saddle worth setting, regardless of the distance covered. Before I tell you how to put a saddle bike seat, first see how not to do it!


WARNING! Trying the following methods, remember to set the saddle height screws while in your shoes. The best in those where you drive a bicycle the most. Take all measurements described below in your shoes!



You probably know them. You probably used or used the saddle on bike. Stop! Stop it now! None of these methods is reliable, it has no basis to rely on it. And even in the slightest! You can set a bicycle saddle cover to the eye as well. It will come out the same, if not better. Once you’ve found this bicycle saddle post on the net, put yourself in order to do it. Okay, let’s go to the bike and saddle methods that do not work, and then I’ll show you those that work.

Hand length the best bicycle saddle bolt method – stand behind the bike and put the chest on the saddle. If we get fingers in the bicycle saddle baskets with our fingers, it means that it is set correctly. Everything is great, but why should we measure our hands if we’re going to pedal our legs and the bicycle saddle comfort?! Did you set the saddle like this? Do not worry, my grandfather too.


How to set a saddle in a bike

He had a similar method to measure trousers in the waist the best bike saddle angle. He put a hand on them (across the waist) and if it fits together, it means that the pants were ok. It shows beautifully how things used to be when the access to the meter was not so easy and somehow you had to manage bike saddle adjustment numbness. One piece of wood was applied to the other and cut to size, measured with strings, etc. In Survival today, such “human” units of measurement are used. I am referring to interested persons here: Old Polish Mints and old units of measures and weights here.

  • 120 steps = 100 meters
  • shoulder range = 190 cm
  • forearm length = 50 cm
  • the distance between the fingers from thumb to index = 20 cm
  • the length of the bent index finger = 6 cm
  • shoe length = about 32 cm
  • the width of four fingers of the hand at the height of the wedding ring = 8 cm
  • the width of the pointing stick on the first cube = 2 cm


Your wrists hurt? And do you know how to set the best climbers road bike?

The heel method – from what I know is the most commonly used bike saddle brown method. According to this method, applying the heel to the pedal on the straight leg is to guarantee the correct height of the saddle. Again, it has nothing to do with reality. What the hell do we put a heel on to the pedal, if we ride a bike right, we never pedal like that ?! This method does not take into account your individual differences in the length of the femur and tibia, as well as the length of the foot. Did you use this or the previous saddle point method example? First, give yourself hay, secondly, write a comment on the content of “SRAM on Shimano”;)


How to set a saddle in a bike


First of all, it’s cool that you’ve come to this place, secondly, I remind you: all the measurements described below must be done in shoes. In case you drive in cycling shorts trend, measure yourself in shorts. The thickness of the insert also matters in the measurements! Are you planning to buy cycling shorts asos? Read what cycling shorts you should choose! There you will find a list of shorts that I recommend.

To set a saddle in a bike you need:

  1. this article,
  2. a bit of patience
  3. 3.4 or 5 hexagons (depending on your seat post)
  4. flat wrench 13 (though it will probably go without it)
  5. a pinch of concentration
  6. book
  7. pencil
  8. folding rule


saddle on bike for point method –  To place a saddle in a bike, first you have to face it. Stand your heels against the wall and put a book between your legs. Press it firmly into the crotch. Highlight the height on the wall. Measure the result. Repeat the operation several times and average the results saddle angle bike. Seriously, if you read this article it means that you have a problem. Take it seriously! Once you have known your inner leg length, calculate 88.3% of its length. The calculated value is the distance between the center of the support axis and the upper part of the saddle bag bike review. Remember to lead the meter along the seat tube line. As in the picture below. Be as accurate as possible!


How to set a saddle in a bike

Do you know that I was hit by this beautiful bike picture?  Anyway, look what happened to me and how much was left of the bike …

Method 109%  – As with the best saddle chair method, you must measure the inner length of the leg. If you have already measured this git if you do not put on your shoes, put your heels against the wall, press down on the book between the legs and mark the height on the wall. Take measurements several times and average the results best saddle for trail riding. This time, the result is multiplied by 109%. Okay, did you count and think WTF? After all, the previous method is almost 20 centimeters indifference! That’s right. However, here the calculated value is the distance between the center of the pedal axis and the upper part of the best saddle blanket seat covers. The crank arm must be set as in the picture below.

The Holmes Method – The most precise and the most difficult method I describe. It was created to reduce the number of injuries in the knee joint. Mr. Holmes recommends setting the bike saddle fitting so that our leg is bent in the knee at about 25 – 35 degrees. However, the best angle at the beginning turns out to be the closest to 25 degrees. Later you can combine a bit. Unfortunately, in order to use it at all, we need a device called a goniometer. Fortunately, it is not expensive.

Setting the height of the bicycle saddle position based on the deflection of the knee at an angle of 25 degrees to make you feel mega strange at first. You just have to get used to it and that’s it. Depending on how much you drive, you should get used to it in two weeks to the maximum of the month. Of course, if after this time something will not be broke when you have to figure something out. Just like in real life;) To have a million percent certainty that you did not spade anything under the road, ask a wife/girlfriend/friend / not cat to make sure that your hips do not rock sideways while pedaling on the bike saddle size. Of course, you can only do it by following you. If your hips are rocking like an average African-American rapper from a music video, it means you have to increase the angle. Unfortunately, I do not own a goniometer and I can not paste photos.

After setting the correct height, you need to set the saddle horizontally (front/back). Even if you had them well set up, now you have to do it again. Sometimes a biker unfortunately bike saddle pain in his knee



Ok, you have already set the optimal height of the bike saddle width. Do you think that everything is the git, and your knees hurt like hell? Well, it’s not ok at all. At 99% you have a badly positioned horizontal bike seat height knee pain. How to set a saddle in a bicycle vertically? Very easy!


WARNING! Have you moved the bike saddle fitting service so far because you had problems with reaching the bridge? I will come and give you my paws in person! If you do not reach the steering wheel grips comfortably, you have a long frame or bridge, but this is in another post.


To fix it, you will need a knob, thread, some weight and someone to help (I chose a string to see it better in the pictures). I recommend you choose a thread or a line. Weight tied? Do you feel like Adam Słodowy or MacGyver? Excellently! Now, jump on the saddle, put the crank arms horizontally to the ground (at three o’clock) and set the feet on the pedals in the position in which you are pedaling bicycle pedal parts. Remember to wear shoes, preferably the ones you drive the most! If you have SPD blocks in your shoes, put your foot on the platform pedals for road bike.

Apply the thread to the kneecap, so that the “weight” hangs freely below the pedal, without touching the ground at the same time. Ask your helper to look at whether the thread crosses the middle of the getting faster on the bike pedal axis. If this is not the case, you must move the saddle forward or backward. Remember that each saddle shift is minimal. Do it with a sense 🙂 In total, horizontal regulation should not get you down more than 15 minutes.


How to set a saddle in a bike


You are awesome that you have arrived so far! I promise, it’s almost over, we’re already finishing…

Sitting on a bicycle exercise peddler benefits, we have three points of support: the ass, hands, and legs. We base the most weight on four letters. The percentage of force on these parts of the body depends on the geometry of the frame, the type of saddle (city, trekking, sport) and the tilt of the tip of the best western trail saddles. Now we will deal with this last thing. Pounding straight from the bridge, the lower the front of the saddle is set, the bigger the whips will get your knees and hands. In particular, knees. The higher the tip is, the more your best friend will suffer (oppression, burning, numbness). So let’s find the right position to not damage anything, especially the bird (and more precisely the prostate).


How to set a saddle in a bike

The principle is this: the bicycle saddle on bike should have a nose that is set very gently up best womens bike seat. This is because under the weight of your butt, the front of the saddle will go down a bit, so to the starting position or parallel to the ground. How to set the inclination bicycle saddle fitting specialized? Use a spirit level or phone with the appropriate application (in iOS it can be a compass application, in Android, eg Smart Tools ). It really is very simple! Just remember not to move it too much forward or backward.


This entry was very long, so I congratulate you for reaching the end. I hope that you will use the advice contained here, and your driving comfort will improve. This is not the end of bike fit training. Be sure to read how to set the door handle and check that you do not have to fix something in this matter. As a curiosity, I would like to add that everyone who signed up for the ROOM VIP with this form has access to the table, which I prepared while writing this guide how to fit a road bike to yourself. You will find the measured height of the saddle (measured from the center of the bottom of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle cover) for each method except for Holmes. I also recommend reading the text  Increase and size of the bicycle frame. How to choose a bicycle frame for growth?. If your frame is too big, the above procedure will not help much.

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