Specialized downhill bike as a discipline

Specialized downhill bike as a discipline

Downhill (downhill – down from the hill) is an extreme a specialized downhill bikediscipline in cycling. Its essence lies in the passage of the track at the time. The route is a descent from the mountain with many obstacles, sharp turns, and jumps.

Despite the fact that the essence of downhill is quite simple, downhill cycling is quite a dangerous occupation, so even to get to the end of the route is considered to be a good result. In this sport, it is important to have excellent cycling skills and good physical fitness.

Downhill trails

A typical downhill trail is a long descent, which includes irregularities in the form of holes and hillocks, stones, tree roots, sharp turns, jumps, artificial obstacles and in general everything that one can imagine. The height difference is usually 500 meters at 1.5-2 km.

Sometimes downhill competitions are held within the city, but the essence remains the same – downhill. The road for cars, sidewalks, stairs, and other urban relief, supplemented with springboards, serves as the road. The average speed of athletes is 36 km / h; the maximum can reach up to 60.

Downhill outfit

It is mandatory to use helmet fulfills. Something likes a helmet for a motorcycle racer. In addition to the helmet, some athletes use glasses that look like snowboarding. Sometimes there is neck protection.

Other essential items of equipment are the pads that protect the knees, legs, elbows, wrist, back, thighs, and so on. A fall in downhill is likely to end in injury, so carefully protecting your body is a very sensible decision. Gloves should be with hard inserts.

Downhill bike giant

And of course, you cannot do without a special bike. It must be a two- adjust suspension with a special frame geometry, which is aimed at increasing stability at high speed. Rear suspension travel 180-250 mm. Forks, as a rule, double-crown with a stroke of 200 mm, single-crown 180-190 mm.

Be sure to power brakes with rotors 180-220 mm. Wheel diameter is usually 26 ″ inches, but there are also models with 24 ″. The rims are reinforced, wide; they put tires up to 3 ″ inches wide with a very evil tread. Such wheels perfectly carry all the blows and hold the road. Chambers are thick, reinforced, it is necessary to protect against punctures and cuts.

As for the steering, the width of the steering wheel is 760-820 mm; the length of the stem is 40 mm. A short takeaway is needed in order to better control the bike. The frame material is different: steel, aluminum, carbon. Bicycle weight is 15-25 kg. In this sport, this is absolutely not a critical parameter.

How to go downhill on a longboard?

Downhill competitions are held around the world. In order to take part, you need to have excellent training and a suitable bike. The cost of this bike (new model) will be from $ 1500. Find downhill lovers in your city and they will help you to join this party!

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