Safe together on the way

safe together on the way

Best bike us always safe together on the way: it may be without risked your life-

General tips for biking and safe together on the way- As the number of bicycles and car accidents increases steadily, we should ensure that we behave responsibly when we are on the road with our best bike us or car. The roads are there for everyone – and to ensure safety and mutual respect, responsible driving, and cycling is an absolute must.


Tips for cyclists

  • Cyclists have to stop at a red light – that’s law. Apart from that, it also helps you, as it gives you the respect of motorists.
  • Stay on the left side of the road and make room for passing cars and motorcycles.
  • Do not put eggs around and drive on a surface of two bicycle widths at most
  • Do not try to drive to the absolute rush hours, i.e. not in the morning and best bike us evening rush hour.
  • Wear a helmet and clothes to see you. And think of lighting on your bike safe together on the way, she can save your life in case of doubt.
  • We all make mistakes. Stand on your own and do not repeat it. Be courteous and expect mistakes from others.
  • Always try to improve your own driving style by informing yourself.


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Tips for motorists

  • Be patient and be careful when traveling near bikers.
  • Keep at least one-meter safety distance when overtaking.
  • Look in the mirror before you open the door.
  • Communicate your intention in certain situations


What might interest you…?

  • Cyclists are up to 35-45 km/h fast, so the estimation of distances can be difficult.
  • Cyclists are legally entitled to claim the entire track to ensure that they are seen.
  • Most adult cyclists safe together on the way also own a car but prefer to use the bike to stay fit while saving money and time and protecting the environment.

Our world is no longer what it once was. We live on a dirty planet with congested roads – and it does not have to be that way. So get on the best bike us and off you go!

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