Saddles for women – How to adjust bike seat?

Saddles for women - How to adjust bike seat

The place of saddles for women we sit on the bike is under heavy loads. A well-chosen saddle should maximize the contact area of the pelvis with it in order to distribute the weight of the person to the maximum surface area. Therefore, choosing the right saddle is very important, especially for women.

Bike saddle fitting

Usually, when selling a bicycle, they install saddles on them that are more suitable for men. A woman will not be able to comfortably ride a male saddle due to differences in anatomy. Women have a wider pelvis than men, and therefore women’s saddles should be wider.

Sciatic bones. These hip bones are formed differently in the male and female skeleton. Accordingly, the male and female pelvises have differences in shape and size.

Different body shapes female

Normally how to adjust bike seat for a woman? The structure of the pelvis of each woman is different. There are many women with a narrow pelvis. To determine the point of the ischia bones, which is the main load when in contact with the saddle, it is necessary to sit, for example, on the curb. Those are the two main points on which you rely and will be the points of the sciatic bones.

As can be seen from the figure, the female saddle is wider at the rear and shorter at the front. But one should be wary of a too wide saddle, that is, it should be exactly the size.

Women’s saddle

A few years ago there were saddles for women with holes in the center, which take into account not only the width of the pelvis but also prevent pressure on the soft tissue. The most interesting thing is that after many articles in the press on the topic of impotence associated with cycling, these saddles have become very popular among men.

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