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Today’s post has been devoted to prior planning and preparation for travel. This is a particularly important issue because decent preparation results in a bike for travel when driving. It’s better to do a little more work earlier and enjoy every day of the trip than to spit in your beard later that something is still wrong. Completely unprepared can cause great discomfort (physical or mental) and even pose a threat to life or health. In short, spend a nice holiday on a bike.

Cycling holidays for beginners in several parts

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Especially when you are driving to distant places then you need to bike travel accessories. After a thorough service and replacements of used elements, drive several dozen kilometers (80 – 200 km is enough). The chain will “adjust” to the rest of the drive (especially if you have not replaced the rack cassette). You also have time to adjust gears and brakes and tighten any looseness. Also, take care of the position adjustment you best bike travel app is the most important. If your neck hurts you or your fingers are suffering for one-day trips, do not expect that you will get used to it quickly on a longer trip. The truth is that when traveling (especially the longer one), the smallest imperfections and under developments start to grow into problems.


There are not many people who are able to get on a bicycle without preparation and ride 100 km in mountainous terrain. If such a one-off action is possible for four or five days in a row, it is medium-workable and then must be best bicycle carrier to him. In addition, no preparation can result in knee injury. Get on the bike as often as possible and drive as far as possible. In my opinion, you can safely set up, for example, if you are able to travel 100 km in flat terrain without a lot of effort during the day, then you can easily go the same with panniers. If you hit the mountainous terrain, reduce the number of kilometers in the first days to 60. You will probably declare sourdough, but the next day you will be able to drive best bicycle cable cutters the same distance again, and after a few days your condition will increase and you will extend the daily distance.


“If something can come in handy, leave it at home.” Preparation the bike for travel to successful your mission- Safe together on the way

Plan your luggage minimalist but reasonably. Choose the most universal items. The toiletries consist of: a bar of soap, a toothbrush, a plastic machine with 1 blade and a small toothpaste. The machine can be omitted – two weeks without shaving can be experienced. Do not take two pairs of jeans, a favorite sweater, a mug that you got for a gift and a cuckoo clock with you. Instead of jeans, choose long cycling bib pants without inserts and boxers with an insert, you gain a more versatile and more convenient solution. Replace the sweater with a fleece that you will wear at stops or on colder days, and it also substitutes for a good sleeping pillow; instead of hats, take a Buff-type handkerchief. It has more uses and is also very light. You do not need a small hatchet and a kitchen knife, with a decent knife you will put wood for firewood, dig a hole, cut whatever you need and spread the bread. You will appreciate the low weight of your luggage when you drive up and maneuver your bike in a more difficult terrain. If you’re driving in a group, take one stove and a tent for two people. A set of keys and a pump are enough for the whole group. Everybody should have their own inner tubes and patches. You can find more about packaging on the journey by best bicycle design here.


Otherwise, it may turn out that there will be no bicycle parking space dimensions on the train. If the cashier/cashier will not want to sell you a bike ticket you have the following options: transporting the bike free of charge as hand luggage (Regio trains, bike must be packed in paper), purchase of a bicycle ticket moving violation directly from the conductor (not applicable to InterCity trains), unfortunately this solution depends on which conductor we will get. Bicycles in the picture below, I carried on the TLK train, on a luggage ticket. I also heard that people sometimes carried them in the same way, but without additional charges. You can find more about transporting bicycles on trains here: Przewozy Regionalne / InterCity. Are you traveling by bus or plane? Ask for the conditions on which you can carry bikes tent trailer, make sure that such a carriage does not involve additional costs. Examples of costs of transporting a bicycle by plane.


If you have never done more than 100 km a day in your life, do not assume that you will travel 200 km with your luggage. I am not saying that you will not go through so much in one day, maybe you can do it. Just remember that the next day you have to get in and drive on. If you are already planning a bike fair route (it is best to drive less frequented asphalt roads), add 15-20% of the margin to the calculated daily distance. You will not always get the same way. Sometimes you can get lost or have a desire to explore. I suggest setting the bike route sign with a paper tourist map on a scale of 1:50 000, a ruler, a pencil and a card for calculations.

Check the terrain and take special care of it. Crossing 50 km in the Świętokrzyskie mountains can tire you more than twice the distance made in Masuria. Divide the distance evenly for each day and write the route on the page. Tourist maps have detailed best cycling bike brands and walking routes, they also have information about camping and other places that are useful for the best cycling deals. For transporting maps I recommend a waterproof bag fastened to the steering wheel. On the upper flap we will fasten the map, and inside the bag, we bring photo equipment, which is always worth having at hand. Such a bag is also enough for us as the main luggage compartment on short trips (if we are going to spend the night in accommodation, etc.) We successfully bike for travel the best way to our cycling job then, the must get me goals.


A string bag with a 3L or 3.8L slider will replace it well, as well as three office clips and a zip clamp. We pack the map into the bike equipment bag and fasten it with brake/gear lines using clips. Loosely tighten the band around the sternum and use the third clip to connect it to the string bag. The disadvantage of this solution is the short life of the bag and the fact that we cover the meter. Pros are low cost and versatility – clips will be used when drying laundry.


Practice unfolding the tent. You can give it a rest only when you can do it with your eyes closed, in under 5 minutes. This skill will bear fruit when a storm hits you, or you will crash in the dark. Are you taking a gas stove? Familiarize yourself with the method of maintaining and cleaning the nozzle. Are you betting on cooking around the campfire? Learn to sharpen the tool, which you will chop wood and fire in all conditions. The same applies to the bicycle goal. You must be able to repair it yourself. Training these skills start today …


Put your bags on and weigh them before you leave. Try to pack them in such a way that they weigh as much as possible. Remember also the location of luggage in individual panniers and do not change it every day. If the clothes are in the right front pannier, and the electronics in the left rear, let it stay that way. However, I recommend a stronger load on the front of truck bike rack, which will lose its maneuverability but will gain stability in vehicles, and the weighted rear wheel will be less susceptible to damage. Do not forget, however, about a few spare spokes that you can hide inside the seatpost;)

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