Brooks saddle review – Most comfortable bike saddle

Brooks saddle review - Most comfortable bike saddle

Probably Brooks marketers decided that they had already taxed everyone in the leather saddle market available most comfortable bike saddle (which is true), and now they are trying to expand their lineup. In principle, nothing criminal.

Leather saddles continue to enjoy steady demand among advanced Maltsev and cyclists, so we need new information channels to expand the target audience.

On June 17 of this year, Brooks rolled out his new model; for the first time in the company’s history, the Brooks C17 Cambium is not a leather saddle.

Brooks’ b17 imperial review

It is one hundred grams lighter than the classic B17. The base of the saddle is natural rubber, and the top cover is tarpaulin-like material. Thus, the saddle will not be afraid of water and will be durable, maintenance-free, unlike leather specimens.

It’s hard for me to say something about these innovations, but in my opinion, it smells like marketing here. I very much doubt that the design of the rubber saddle can provide greater comfort than classic leather.

Project assumptions

Tester testimonials that I managed to find online confirm my assumptions. People write that the saddle is great, but most likely for big runs, they will return to the leather B17. The skin is somehow closer than a tarp.

Maintenance project

Brooks positions Cambium as a maintenance-free saddle. But all this talk about skin maintenance is a great exaggeration. This spring I took a large one from the glazed balcony, which had been standing there since the fall, smeared Provide and immediately went.

That’s all the service. The following will be only at the end of the season when the big one goes back to the balcony. Well, or if I get into heavy rain – after drying the saddle does not interfere with a little anoint.

Canvas saddleback

So I’m not sure that the new canvas saddle is what I expected from Brooks. And I was waiting for them to finally release a model that will look a bit more modern while maintaining its classic style.

For example, craftsmen trim their saddles like this to improve their appearance, which is why Brooks would not launch such a design-

Brooks’ c17 cambium saddle

However, in any case, the choice is good and right. Brooks C17 Cambium tarpaulin is on the way to fight for our asses!

Conclusion of resume

And I do not see the point of improving what has already been brought to the ideal. This is me about the leather bike saddle. Any pruning and stuff is from the evil one so it’s not a long time to spoil a thing. Tarpaulin is probably the right to life. Why not? Is the price probably less than leather?

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