Listening to music on a bike and safety

music on a bike

Music on a bike – some are its categorical opponents, others without headphones, they cannot imagine driving. There are various arguments, both smarter and a little less. Our sensitivity to stimuli is also different. Some people cannot concentrate on music that is shedding their ears, while others – on the contrary, especially those lasting for many hours – start to disturb. I will try to expand on this topic a bit, basing on my own experience.

Music on a bicycle

When it comes to the issue of legality, there is no prohibition on listening to music through headphones. Ba, it is allowed to talk on the phone with the headset on the ears. Of course, you can receive a ticket, for gross negligence, just listen to very loud music and not hear the passing carriage.


Why listen to music on a bike? After all, the sounds of the world (and full contact with nature) are much more beautiful! – Long-distance cyclists must be music because of it makes a comfort cycling mission.


It is impossible to disagree with this and if someone does not want to – does not have to support music. However, personally I consider this “argument” to be inadequate – when driving, the rush of air effectively neutralizes the chirping of birds 🙂

Music is a very good “afterburner”. It helps to overcome fatigue during a long journey and to add strength during intense driveways.


Listening to music on a bike is dangerous!

I cannot agree with that. A frequent argument of opponents of MNR is the inability to hear an oncoming car (especially in the back). Only that the mere hearing of the car really does NOT give us. Unless someone ever hears his sound, he turns back to check if by accident the car does not go down one wheel to the side or the sidewalk to hit the bike (and this is already paranoid).

It is definitely better (if someone has fears of this type) to mount a sensible best bicycle mirror and remember to drive reasonably close to the edge of the road.

I want to listen to music on a bike, but I would feel so safe! Best cycling music part of the bicycle versus running advantages and disadvantages


In addition to the advice that I gave the paragraph above, there are several ways to improve our reception of sounds from the environment.

  1. Open earphones – their construction ensures no isolation from the outside world. An additional plus is good ear ventilation and no feeling of being squeezed after listening for a few hours. They do not provide such good sound experience bike maintenance 101 when driving like headphones closed or earbuds, but something for something.


Music to listen to road bike music

  1. Portable speakers – small loudspeakers, usually powered by AA (AAA) type batteries. Small, which does not mean that it is quiet? Of course, parties with them will not be done, but for inclusion, e.g. safety when riding a bike, they are good. It is worth spending a dozen or more zlotys not to buy “buzzing”, which will be too quiet (remember the noise of air all the time).

The downside of such speakers is, firstly, the embarrassment, if we go through inhabited areas, and secondly, if we go to several people – everyone must listen to the same music as we do.

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