List of tools in a toolbox – Best portable bike tool kit

List of tools in a toolbox - Best portable bike tool kit

Of course, if the bike is prepared the best portable bike tool kit and tested, then the chances that problems will arise are not very high. But a breakdown can always happen as a result of a fall, or simply due to wear on the part. Therefore, you still have to carry a certain amount of tools with you. What exactly is worth taking depends on where exactly you are going.

It is clear that for a short ride not far from home and for a multi-day hike the stock of tools should be different list of tools in a toolbox. For example, for skiing in the mountains, I carry several cameras, a spare tire, a pair of pads, a rooster and a switch, a spare disk, a mechanical disc brake assembly, cables and shirts for the switch.

Bike tool kit list

It also does not make much sense to take any tool if you have no idea how to use it, and there are no mechanics in the company.

1. Squeeze the chain. It would seem that the chain is a very durable thing, and is unlikely to break. But nevertheless, this happens periodically, first of all in the case of incorrect, very hard gear changes, in case something enters the circuit, possibly if the 3rd star was turned on in front and you touched something with a carriage. In general, a useful repair-kits and irreplaceable thing.

2. Small hexagon for Hayes brakes. Only needed if you have these brakes, is used to adjust the position of the brake handle relative to the steering wheel. It is rarely used, but it also weighs very little, so I always carry it around.

3. Patches for the camera. It is advisable to take in more or less long trips. It is often quite convenient to change a punched camera to a new one, and glue it up – this way you will again have a spare. I use self-adhesive patches – the principle of operation is as for ordinary stickers. True, and they do not always keep well, it is difficult to glue the breakdown of the camera against the rim.

4. Key for cones. The old Soviet key is quite convenient for adjusting the cones on the sleeves. It is also very convenient for adjusting the cylinders in the brakes after replacing the pads or if they are skewed. Not very heavy, but only makes sense if you can adjust the bushes (and there is an adjustable wrench to hold the lock nut) or if you have brakes with an expansion tank.

5. The key to the needles. Sometimes it is desirable to correct the eight-egg. Again, in the event of a serious fall, you can dock the dead wheel in order to at least go to the house. It makes sense only if you know how to adjust the spokes.

6. Key for removing the cassette. An optional thing, but sometimes it is necessary, on some cassette bushings for some reason they like to unwind. It only makes sense in combination with an adjustable wrench.

7. Blue sealant. It is necessary the best portable bike tool kit for fixing the loosening bolts, for example, in fixing the trunk. Blue means that the nut does not cling forever, red means it works almost like glue and is quite strong. It weighs a little, but you need it as profile only on long journeys.

8. Adjustable wrench. In general, it is rarely used, mainly for checking cassette tightening, for tightening the bolts on the rear axle (for axles 150×12), for some rear switches. Pretty heavy, so it’s worth taking it only on a fairly intense trip. In addition, it is sold in many stores – if that is possible to get out.

9. Spare camera. It is very desirable because the punctures are a random thing, and often occur when you do not expect them at all. In the case of a multi-day trip, mountain skiing on rocky surfaces or extreme skiing, it is advisable to grab 2-3 pieces, because the cameras punched on the rim are rather badly glued.

10. All depends on what kind of rims and tires are used. For example, on my rims, Ritchey remove-put tires without mounting are almost impossible. If the tires are put by hand, then the assembly should not be dragged, the more it is possible to replace them with improvised means.

11. Hexagons. A very important list of tools in a toolbox, with the help of it, very many components of most bikes are regulated and checked. It is necessary to grab in any case, no matter where you are going.

12. Pump. It is best to buy a pump with a mount on the frame, or a compact lightweight pump. If you don’t have avtopelpi, then, of course, you can borrow a pump from any car, but sometimes this is problematic.

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