Limitations on mobility? Go electric bike!

electric bike

The best cycling are Limitations on mobility? Go electric bike! you get more to best bike us-

One of the prerequisites for getting around the electric best bike us is to be in good health. But there are people who have mobility limitations or who cannot overdo physical exertion. Older people with mobility problems are increasingly using an electric bike to continue to enjoy the benefits of the pedal and contribute to more sustainable and humane urban mobility.

Electric bike

Having the electric aid allows practically all people to continue moving in the open air. There are a large variety of electric bicycles available in the Brazilian market that caters to specific needs.

For example, there are different forms of the accelerator. There are manual accelerators, twist type, driven by turning the handle, like the motorcycle accelerator, and the thumb, which is triggered by the thumb. This type of acceleration benefits those who have articulation problems or deficiency in the movement of the legs and cannot really pedal. The so-called peddles have the PAS system (sensor for pedal assistance). There are two types of sensors: speed, also called spinning sensor, which triggers the electric bicycle aid when a certain speed is reached; and torque, which drives the motor depending on the force applied to the pedals. These e-bikes are indicated for people who have no movement limitation but can only do light exercise, either by medical restraint, by less physical endurance or by precaution.


Battery life is another important best bike us feature in this case. The cyclist to electric bike with limitations of locomotion needs to always count on the electrical aid and therefore cannot run out of battery half way. Always be aware of the energy levels and make the first exits accompanied, as not always the autonomy of the bike corresponds to the one announced by the company. Over time, it is necessary to replace the battery as it ages and loses capacity.

Another factor to consider when choosing your e-bike, considering that you have health problems or mobility, is the weight of the vehicle, which can be a hindrance and even cause of accidents. The lighter electric bikes have a lithium battery, but anyway, the electric kit always adds weight. That’s why many companies are launching smaller e-bikes, with tires rim 20 or less, leaving the bicycle structure lighter and with the design that favors those who have deficiencies or limitations.

The simple fact of having the lower frame means an ease when riding the bike. Checking the bike for safety and comfort accessories, such as chain covers and suspension, also limit the possibility of imbalance and fall.

Last word

Finally, this user profile can also give preference to e-bikes that come with accessories that facilitate their locomotion’s, such as a good luggage rack and a basket, so if you need to carry some load on the bike, they will have a specific place, it is not necessary to carry them hanging on the handlebar or to pilot with one hand, situations that can also present risks.

Another important tip is to always use the best bike us safety accessories such as helmet, gloves, luminous flags and colored clothes that make it quite visible in traffic. These components represent a more preventive initiative for those who no longer have as much agility and reflex.

If I ask you is e-bike for you? So what would you answer?

With this care when choosing an electric bike, it can become a good ally in the mobility of anyone, even with restrictions of movement, in addition to offering moments of leisure and fun outdoors, which also end up limited for these people.

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