Importance of using bicycle: bike fitting guide

Importance of using bicycle: bike fitting guide

For many people, the password for a bike fitting guide can associate with fitness. Nothing more wrong. This English phrase means matching the bike to the user. Something that until recently was reserved for professionals who went abroad and adjusted their equipment there – now it is also available in the USA and for everyone. What does a professional bike fitting consist of?

It is a complex process of matching the road bike fit calculator to the needs of its user. The idea is to make the bike comfortable, the ride on it was efficient and the aerodynamic position. At the same time, you do not want to minimize the occurrence of injury while driving. How to get opinions about bikes and bicycle body parts?

Each of us has a different body structure. To some extent, the body is able to get used to a particular position on the bike. If we go only for recreation and bike seat height calculator is just convenient – that’s enough. It’s worth checking if you really have a well-positioned saddle and before buying a new bike, check how to choose the size of the frame. You can call it a home-made bike fitting that we can carry out at any time and for free.


What size of the frame to buy?

When planning a serious training, it is worth considering better matching the bike to our needs. The position and type of the saddle, the length and angle of the sternum, the width of the steering wheel, the size of the frame, the length of the cranks, the position of pedals and blocks in shoes – these (and several more) parameters are very important in achieving the optimal position behind the wheel.

They should be chosen so as to obtain a reasonable compromise between comfort, power, aerodynamics, driving stability and reducing the risk of injury. You can deal with it yourself, through trial and error, and reading books and professional publications.

You can also look for a specialist in this field. There are many former professional cyclists in Poland who run bicycle services on a sporting pension, in which they will set up a bicycle according to their proven methods. Bicycle manufacturers who manufacture them on individual orders often also deal with the matching of bicycles.

Recently, in the USA, the first, fully professional company dealing in bike fitting:  For 650 PLN, you can carry out comprehensive customization of your bike for your needs. Schwinn Volare 1200 best Road Bike, 700c/28 inch wheel size, Grey Gray, good fitness bicycle, 53cm/Medium Frame Size.

Everything starts with an interview in order to establish a health and sports profile (what we expect), then study the position on the how to fit a road bike to yourself and range of movements. Later, the blocks and pedals are set, the position of the saddle, the selection of the sternum and steering wheel, the analysis is carried out using the Retul 3D system and consults with the physiotherapist.


How to set up SPD shoes?

Is 650 PLN a lot for such a service? On the one hand, for such an amount, you can basically buy a simple (but not so fatal) “Highlander”. On the other hand, it is the price of the professional rear derailleur Dura-Ace, so the amount is not as excessive as you might think.

It seems to me that professionals do not even think about such an option – they just do it. For amateurs, such a service seems unnecessary, it is better to try to adjust the bike yourself, and 650 PLN to spend on pleasure. Semi-professionals, that is, people regularly competing in a competition, often training should think about such a service, although independent bike fitting should also bring good results for this level. It should be remembered that simply adjusting the bike will not win the race and will not make us ride much, much faster. Only in professional sport, where every second count, and sometimes even its fractions – it pays special attention to it.

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