How to store a bike in an apartment on the balcony?

How to store a bike in an apartment on the balcony

It’s a suggestion about how to store a bike in an apartment on the balcony. The big city imposes restrictions on the living space of a person – you need to place a family, a couple of pets and a lot of things in small apartments. Therefore, the convenience of a bicycle is thought of last, and when winter comes, it is simply shoved somewhere – the main thing is that it does not interfere under your feet. As a result, in the spring the “iron horse” looks very pitiful and requires thorough technical inspection.

But in 90% of the apartments have a balcony! This is as much as 6 meters (on average), where there is absolutely nothing to put, and storing a bicycle on a balcony solves two problems at once inefficient use of living space.

Which mount to the balcony to choose?

Bike mounts are of three types:

1) Floor. Option for a family in which no more than two bikes. The most convenient type of rack – because to pull the bike, you do not need to make special efforts

2) Wall mounted. These mounts are designed for those who want to use the floor on the balcony for other purposes. The convenience of this type of bike location is that they can be stored in “floors” —the most used ones on the bottom, the most unused ones above. But this, of course, is an option for people who have more bikes than family members. By the way, on such mounts, you can hang and large parts – tires, forks, rims, etc.

3) Under the ceiling. This type of attachment implies long-term bike storage – for example, in the winter. It goes well with floor stand. There are two types – with a pulley system, which allows you to raise and lower the bike without using a stepladder and a simple mount with hooks under the ceiling. Not recommended for models heavier than 22 kg.

Storage bike unassembled

There are situations when you can’t put a bike entirely how to store a bike in an apartment? – either the balcony is too small (as in “Khrushchev’s” apartments), or it is overwhelmed with useful stuff. In this case, it is advisable to store the bike unassembled. Use one of two methods:

1. In the factory box (if you did not throw it away) or in a case. A very simple way to disassemble a bicycle is that you only remove the front wheel and all the parts sticking out:

The steering wheel, the saddle, the pedals, the fasteners for the bottle and pump, the lights, etc. In order not to lose the mounting bolts, wrap them back, but not as much as possible, otherwise, you may damage the threads. The protruding parts that cannot be removed, you need to protect from damage – the ends of the “pants” of the fork wrap in several layers with a foil wrap or thick cardboard, do the same with the steering wheel and connecting rods.

2. In a special container. This method is more suitable for long-term conservation – for six months or more. In this case, you completely disassemble the bike and put all spare parts in a hard waterproof case. To implement this method, you must have all the necessary tools – to remove the plug, the chain, to disassemble the cassette and sleeves, etc. Bike in this form takes up minimal space – it can even be removed from the balcony and shoved under the bed.

Some parts of the bike should be kept warm. This applies to rubber and leather parts – clean tires, cameras, grips, and saddle in a warm, dry place. They will not take up much space, but in the spring you will not encounter trouble when assembling a bike.

How to prepare a bike for the winter on the balcony?

  1. Russian winters are harsh – a bike can be damaged by temperature changes, high humidity, and “neighbors on the balcony” – cabbage, potatoes, etc. If you know that your bike will be bad there, and there is no place to put it anyway, do everything possible so that the iron friend will survive these 3-4 months without consequences.
  2. Wash and dry all parts of the bike thoroughly. And if you love your iron friend a lot, then polish it with a polish – additional protection will not hurt, and it will look great.
  3. Lubricate the chain with an oiled rag and go over all the mechanical parts.
  4. Loosen the transmission cables – set the chain to the smallest gears in front and behind.
  5. Pump up the wheels to the recommended pressure. So that they do not deform during the winter, hang the bike on the balcony to the ceiling or simply turn it over. If winters in your city are particularly harsh, remove the tires from the rims and keep them warm so that the rubber does not crack.
  6. If the sun regularly looks at your balcony, wrap the frame with paper to protect the paint from the damaging ultraviolet.
  7. The peculiarity of steel frames – when the temperature drops, they accumulate condensate inside the frame, which leads to the appearance of rust. To prevent steel from deteriorating, treat it with a special anti-corrosion compound.

The same rules how to store a bike in an apartment for the storage of bikes are valid in the summer, although it is possible to slightly simplify them for quick access to the bike. For example, to protect against UV rays, you can use not a paper, but a large piece of dense matter.

Experts recommend doing full maintenance at the end of the season, and not before the next one. This is more correct, because then all you have to do is place the bike in storage on the balcony, and as soon as the snow comes down, take off and go for a walk. And secondly, you will be able to avoid long lines at the bike service.

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