How to stay fit outside the bike season? 7 rules

How to stay fit outside the bike season

If the bike season in your area ends for the winter, you should think about how to keep your weight and fitness, because the volume of loads is significantly reduced. In order to keep yourself in excellent shape in the off-season, to maintain muscle tone and not to overwork with additional workouts before the start of the season, you must follow 7 rules.  

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Rule 1: Keep driving in the winter on weekdays; continue to ride, but at a very easy pace. Such pieces of training should not last more than an hour, and street cycling can be replaced with an exercise bike.

Rule 2: Take the March As soon as possible, make one long trip or one trip on hilly terrain. It is advisable to make such forced marches every week. This recommendation will allow you to burn more calories than moderate exercise.

Rule 3: Look for a replacement. This rule proposes the use of alternative forms of exercise, especially if it is cold outside. Not sure what to do? Try something new: running, swimming, skating, cross-country skiing or aerobic exercise. But remember: you should start carefully, and you need to be sure that such exercises will not bring you discomfort. Under such circumstances, it is easy to get stretching, because alternative exercises are a bit unusual for those who have cycling in the first place. Work and four times – all season bike for you.

Rule 4: Try power loads in the absence of the possibility of cycling; you can try the power loads: two half-hour classes per week will help you feel better and manage your weight. The standard strength bike season program consists of 10 exercises, each of which is repeated 8-12 times.

Rule 5: Reduce carbohydrate intake as the number of cycle loads is reduced, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates. One way to reduce calories is to stop using sports drinks and energy bars, which are used for snacking during the ski season. Do not use them until the workouts become more intense and longer.

Rule 6: Control Yourself on Holidays During the holidays; you have to eat more than usual, while the calories are not burned. On holidays, you should stick to the main strategy: you must know in advance what you will eat. Consider in advance which dishes you want to try and which ones to avoid, and at the table stick to this plan.

Rule 7: Remember about 2.5 kilograms it is difficult to maintain your weight in the absence of cycle load. And it is especially difficult for those who have achieved their ideal physical condition. If during the winter you gain extra pounds, do not worry: this is normal. But be guided by the fact that the maximum that you can gain is 2.5 kilograms, provided that you currently have an ideal weight. If the weight gained will be much more, then in preparation for the season, you will need to spend your strength and to reduce weight, while a 2.5 kilograms dump will not take much time and effort.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to keep the body in shape. Moreover, these rules can be observed all year round, and not only in the absence of cycle loads. But the most important rule is a good mood under any circumstances, and then compliance with these 7 rules will be at least twice as effective.

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