How to replace pedals on a bike?

How to replace pedals on a bike

Replacing the pedals in a bike is a very handy operation – if solely we are aware of how to replace pedals on a bike very easily? The only aspect to be aware of is that one of the pedals has the right and the other left. The Internet is full of cyclists’ stories telling how they used great power or even trying to drill a thread – to unscrew the pedal. And eventually, it became out that they had been capturing in the incorrect direction. I hope that thanks to this brief guide – the whole thing will be clear (because it is higher to study twice than to make it incorrect once).

Replace pedals

When removing the pedals, it is worth questioning about securing the threads with grease. This will forestall issues with wringing and, for example, “threading” of threads, which now and again happens. You can do it with everyday grease, but the fine will be the meeting paste, which prevents it from getting stuck.


To exchange the bicycle pedals (platform or SPD – meaningless) you only want a 15mm flat wrench or an Allen wrench, typically 6 or eight millimeters, depending on the pedal. The cycling starting to pedal is continue


1. We’re getting used to dismantling historical pedals. Using a 15mm wrench, unscrew the proper pedal to the left (counter-clockwise) and the left pedal to the proper (clockwise). You can effortlessly remember the path of filming – if the flat key is inserted with the manage up, we flip closer to the back of the bike.

2. If it is impossible to unscrew them, and you are simply turning in the right direction, suppose if you need a little longer lever. The threads from the pedals can also be baked, it is really worth to sneak a bit of spray or rust remover inside.

3. When the pedals can be unscrewed, it is correct to easy the threads in the crank with a cloth and lubricate them. They are excellent for that lubricant stopping the baking, however, a regular, permanent lubricant is enough.

4. We start the meeting of the pedals. If you wear worn pedals, have in mind to easy the threads. Then screw them into the hands of the crank, remembering that one is right and the difference is left. They must have marks marked someplace on the physique or axis, which you will screw into the crank

5. Screw them in the opposite way than when unscrewing, left pedal to the left (counterclockwise), right pedal to the right (according to the clock). Of course, the reverse is the reverse:)

5. In the beginning, it’s quality to screw them in your hand and do it gently. Then tighten them with the key, but with a feel of now not to damage the thread. The pedals must be well tightened, however not always “up to the max.”

6. Properly bolted pedals do no longer require periodic checking if they are tightened properly. However, after a few kilometers, it is really worth checking that nothing terrible is taking place around the threads.

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