How to measure bike frame size? Measurements height

How to measure bike frame size Measurements height

When choosing a bike, a potential cyclist, first of all how to measure bike frame size? Pays attention to anything, but not to the size of the frame. The beginner of the bike is interested in the color of the frame, the number of gears, and the suspension. This all needs to be taken into account, but first of all it is necessary to take care of the comfort of landing, otherwise, the pleasure of the trip can be spoiled by pain in the back and joints, premature fatigue.

How to choose a bike size?

If the growth with which we were endowed in the celestial office is almost impossible to change, then the size of the future bicycle is easily selected and adjusted. Growth is a parameter that affects the overall size of the bicycle frame. Also, the size of the top, bottom and seat tube depends on the size.

Choosing a bike for walks and daily movement, the correct choice of frame size for growth will provide a comfortable ride. Especially careful selection requires bike frames for sports.

Bike frame size calculator

The size of the frame in the vast majority of manufacturers has several gradations. For popular and simple bicycles can produce 3-4 sizes. The choice of sizes for road racing bicycles with classic geometry can be wider – up to ten types.

The size of the frame indicates marking. Different manufacturers write it in different ways, and in order not to confuse the novice cyclists, let’s stop on this in more detail. Mark the frame with both letters and numbers. The numbers are in millimeters, centimeters, inches and indicate the height of the seat tube. The letter symbols are rather relative and resemble the marking of T-shirts or any clothes abroad. Understand it simply enough by looking at the table here.

Bike saddle position

Most often, the size indicates the length of the seat tube – from the center of the carriage to the upper seatpost. True, some plants have a slightly different idea about the measurement of the correct saddle tube, probably to confuse everyone. Moreover, the height of the seat tube is the cause of the change of almost all parameters of the frame – the angles of inclination of the tubes, the length of the tubes. In some cases, its length also affects the design of important frame elements. But the proportions of the entire frame remain unchanged. They are called frame geometry.

Urban hybrid bikes

We now turn to practice. For each type of bike has its own particular choice of size. They are reflected in all dimensions of the bike, so first we will look at the recommendations on how to choose the size of urban and hybrid bikes.

These dimensions can be safely used when choosing mining machines with a rigid rear suspension (hard tails). And two-suspension and so do not indulge diversity – a maximum of 2-3 sizes in the middle segment.

Separately, it should be noted approach to the cruisers. The choice of the size of their frames is not so great – only 2-3 positions. Therefore, for a comfortable ride a cyclist must fit in a height of 170-190 cm, and a cyclist in 155-180 cm. If it does not fit, you need to change something.

Road bike frame size chart

To choose a comfortable highway driver, we use the anthropometric studies of the well-known company Giant. The data in this table imply road and road bikes with the geometry of Compact Road.

Young cyclists

In this case, the children are much easier. The size of the frame is selected based on the ratio of age and height of a particular pup. Here, the scope for parental fantasy is great, so let us give only the general recommendation numbers for choosing a bike for the growth of a child.

The choice of size, as you have seen, is very important for comfortable and safe riding. But before the final choice is worth considering:

  1. Riding style. For active and extreme trips, it is better to choose a frame that is one size smaller. This will give self-confidence, directly proportional to the distance between the upper tube of the frame and some parts of the cyclist’s body. For a relaxed riding style, table size is quite suitable.
  2. Steering wheel does not be lazy to adjust and select the desired removal of the steering wheel. Its length and angle may not always be ideally convenient for a particular person, but you can choose a great many.

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