How to get opinions about bikes and bicycle body parts?

bicycle body parts

There are a lot of bikes on the market. Bicycle body parts or accessories even more. If you already be aware of what kind of bike you prefer to buy or aside – it is worth consulting humans who have already made such a purchase.

An exact location if you hesitate between countless types – there are themed forums. For example, one of the largest Polish bicycle forums. However, when asking a query in such a forum, we must take into account that every user has extraordinary tastes and experience. One sad user, eg a cycling jersey – cannot impact our opinion, especially if countless others are satisfied. Unless he gives a desirable purpose for his dissatisfaction. The syndrome “every saffron of its tail prays” is a terrible component on forums. Asking which bike of three to pick – we can assume many answers that will encourage you to purchase a totally different bike, regularly some distance from the authentic three.

Where to get opinions about bikes

It has its appropriate sides (maybe there will be some more interesting proposition), but it additionally creates needless confusion for the questioner (often the original concern of discussion is blurred).


If you already have what you want to buy, the query on the discussion board is now not a right solution. Ultralight backpacking – bicycle kite where to buy?



Sometimes there are people who do no longer have a lot to do with the equipment. In my opinion, it is first-rate to seek advice from users. Allegro is a very true vicinity for that. Unfortunately, when you consider that there are no shoppers on the listings – it is a bit challenging task, however, it is feasible.

We are looking for things in our completed auctions that activity us. Then type by. provides and enter the profile of the seller who sold the most bicycle body parts items. We go into his remarks and look for users who offered what we are fascinated in. Unfortunately, if the vendor has sold many items, it can also take some time. Get more knowledge list of bicycle parts to form wiki

Why do I advise this method? Nobody would like to throw away the genuinely-earned money in the mud. It is recognized – if you buy a Shimano XT derailleur – you recognize what first-class you can expect. However, shopping for something unbranded, often at a tons decrease price than the competitors’ opponents – would no longer choose to buy a sell.


I did it myself, making an attempt to buy a self-inflating mat from At Allegro I determined them at a very appealing charge (compared to other similar mats). I sent about 15 e-mails with a polite request to specify an opinion about the bought mat. The end result exceeded my expectations, wrote off about 12 human beings 🙂 Some wrote very extensively, honestly, it could be a small review. Then I evenly bought this mat and I do not feel sorry about the purchase:)

I advocate this method for each undecided – it is very effective. Of course, I also suggest you a question right here on the blog, comments are regularly studied with the aid of different cyclists and if they solely have something meaningful to write – they generally help. With me inclusive:)

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