Go to school by bike – Positive parenting tips

Go to school by bike - Positive parenting tips

Do you still have fond childhood memories of riding go to school by bike? If so, then most likely you did it 30-40 years ago — it was then that more than half of the children regularly went to school by bicycle. Today, approximately 13% of schoolchildren do this. However, fashion is back. Before your children start driving on their own, you need to understand that the main thing is their safety. We tell you how to make your children’s bike rides to school safe.

Child equipment

Children should always move in a helmet – it is he who reduces the risk of head injury by 85%. It is best to visit a specialized store with your child, where he will choose the helmet that he likes. It should be remembered, and lighting: front and rear lights on a bicycle, as well as clothing with reflective elements, will make your child noticeable to motorists. It is important to have a lock and a bell: while the first device will save the bike from being stolen, the bell will always warn pedestrians about the approaching little cyclist.

Route to school

The direct route to school is not always the safest. Together with your child, develop a safe path that will take place along bike paths or near roads with low car traffic.

Child cooperation

If other parents from your area are also concerned about the movement of their children on a bicycle, you can organize a kind of duty together with them: each takes turns accompanying children to and from school. Moreover, an adult attendant will be happy to explain the rules of the road to children and will remind you of traffic safety every day.

Traffic regulations signs

The best way to teach children to ride a bike safely is to ride with them. We remind you of the new rules of the road for children on bicycles. Accompanied by a young, and in the absence of a cycle path or cycle track, you can move along the right edge of the roadway only from the age of 14. Children under 14 years old can walk on sidewalks, pedestrian, cycling, cycling (from 7 years) paths, as well as within pedestrian zones.

How to teach a kid to ride a bike?

Sometimes you can let children indulge – to do this, select a park or a field so that they can ride the bike exactly as they want. Children will remember these happy moments for a lifetime.

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