Forward exchange

forward exchange

Bike forward exchange is the most effective. The front shifter is responsible for the chain passing through the crowns. Its correct operation allows you to have the necessary resources best bike us for every occasion.

Forward exchange

The symptoms of deregulated front derailleur are:

  • The chain cannot rise to the larger crown.
  • The chain cannot get down to the smaller crown.

To adjust the front derailleur it is important that the rear derailleur is already correctly adjusted as it changes the position of the chain relative to the crowns. In addition, the chain, steel cables and conduit must be in good condition.

You will need the following adjustment tools: Allen keys # 4, 5, and 6; Philips small key and pliers.

To begin, check the height of the gearbox in relation to the crowns. All manufacturers suggest that a distance of 1 to 3 mm be maintained forward exchange between the gearbox and the teeth of the larger crown.

This adjustment is made by fixing the gearbox to the frame of the best bike us, either in the clamp, common in most bikes, or in the flap that fixes the gearbox in the frame, seen in the most sophisticated brakes. One tip is to use a 2mm Allen wrench as a reference, placing it between the larger crown (on top of the highest tooth) and between the outer plate of the gearbox, to arrive at the correct size.

For now do not finalize the locking of the forward exchange best brands and models of road bikes gearbox on the frame, because we are still going to move it.

From this point, start the alignment of the exchange with the chain line. For this, we will adjust the exchange rate rotation. Place the chain on the smaller sprocket and larger sprocket and turn the sprocket so that its outer side plate is parallel to the chain. Change the front gear so the chain is in the smaller gear. Check the alignment again and make corrections if necessary. Go back to the larger crown and check again, making further adjustments if you need to? Repeat the process if you feel that the alignment is not correct. Remember that during this adjustment; be careful not to change the height of the gearbox that we have already adjusted previously. If you find it necessary, you can mark with a pencil the correct height. Now we can finalize the tightening of the exchange.

After aligning the gearbox, adjust the limiters so that the chain is not pulled out of the crowns.

With respect to the smaller crown, the limiting screw is marked with the letter “L”. Adjust so that when the chain is in this crown and also in the larger pinion behind, the inner wall of the gearbox “almost” scrapes the chain.

With respect to the larger crown, the limiting screw is marked “H”. Adjust so that the outer wall of the gearbox also “nearly” scrapes the chain when it is in the larger crown and the smaller pinion behind.

Sometimes the larger crown limit needs a little more clearance so the gearbox can fit the chain. However, do not increase this distance too much because the chain may be thrown out of the crown causing more problems.

With the limits set, check the cable tension. To do this, place the gearbox on the smallest crown, and straighten the steel cable until there is no gap, noting that the gearbox should not move. To stretch, place the front gear changer in the lowest gear position and use the adjusters on the mountain best bike us or the regulator in the conduit or frame (on the crankshafts).

If you cannot stretch the cable sufficiently, release it and manually adjust the tension by loosening the regulator and pulling on the cable with your hands or a pair of pliers, and then attach the cable again.

Finally, test the indexing, that is, the clicks of the exchangers, verifying that each click corresponds to the due March. At this point, you may need some adjustment in the cable gap so that the chain can fall on the smallest crown, and also adjusts the adjustment of the limits so that the gearbox achieves the necessary movement to fit the larger crown.

After these small adjustments, the exchange rate will be adjusted. Remember: the mountain bike chain must pass very close to the gearbox (about 0.5 mm) in the positions of the smaller crown and larger pinion and in the position of the greater crown and smaller pinion.

These are the basic settings for the currency setting. There are special cases and more precise adjustments that are beyond the scope of the article and need to be done by experienced mechanics of forwarding exchange.

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