First parade – The best winter bike experience

First parade - The best winter bike experience

With today, Moscow hosted the first winter parade of the best winter bike experience. Participants, according to organizers, there were about three thousand, and theroute was 14 km. But it’s not just numbers.

Parade bikes

The first Moscow bike parade was organized by lets bike it! And, unlike the summer bicycle parade, the Moscow government was not among the official partners. Even it was possible to coordinate his holding only from the second time. But this is the first parade, which received not only moral but also financial support from ordinary participants. When in the last days of December it became known that the bike parade had lost its main sponsor, the missing 60 thousand rubles were collected for its organization by crowd funding in just a few days.

It is not surprising that someone had doubts about the success of this undertaking and all season bike for you – the preparation for the parade was going on against the background of the changeable forecasts of the Hydrometeorological center. If in the middle of December, weather forecasters promised for January 9, +4 and rain, then closer to the point, negative two-digit values began to appear in the forecast, and on the eve they generally announced an orange level of danger due to the blizzard looming over the city. Opponents of the bike parade watched the forecasts as carefully as its potential participants. OnFacebook in the groups “Blue buckets” and “Motorists of Moscow”, people relished the possible troubles that could befall the participants of the cycling parade, and the most dashing promised to play with cyclists in GeneralKarbysheva to personally go to the place of the stratum on 3rd Frunze Street and water them.

First bike riding experience

Fortunately, everything went without incident. Despite the dangerous forecasts and rather cold weather, about three thousand people, according to the organizers, came to the cycling race. The length of the ring route, which passed along the embankments of the Moscow River with a turn in the Soyinka area, was 14 km – and that is not counting the road to the bike parade and back, which many participants also rode on a bicycle. Among them were, among others, people who first got on a bicycle in winter. And, perhaps, do it again. But the matter is not only in encouraging numbers.

In winter

Up to the onset of this winter, the main question of the development of bicycle transport was whether it was possible to ride around Moscow on a bicycle in principle. Now he is discussing whether it is possible to ride the best winter bike around Moscow in the winter. That in itself is a big shift. Then you can disassemble particular. For example, talk about why people who ride a bike around Moscow in the winter, while so little. Is it only cold? The passage of three thousand people in conscientiously decorated embankments shows that it is not so much frost that scares people, but the condition of other city streets. 

Including bike lanes on the Boulevard Ring, which for the New Year holidays has become a mess and is almost everywhere occupied by illegal parking. It is not enough to organize a cycle infrastructure in the city – it must be maintained in working condition. That is – to clean.

One of the main arguments against a bicycle in the winter is that Moscow is bombarded with reagents. Photos from other winter cities show that this is not the only and not the best way to handle the streets, but a full cleaning instead of abusing harmful chemicals is a common interest. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful and clean city, regardless of the method of transportation.

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