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Best E-Bike 101 – All questions and all answers and more you get to best bike us-

The e-bike and paddles are the number one topic in the European bicycle world at the moment and make up an ever-larger market share. Reason enough to take a closer look at the best bike us is most important aspects of the new trend product. We collected the most important and interesting questions about e-bikes and paddles and answered them briefly and concisely.


Lifestyle & Faith

Do I need an e-bike as a healthy, athletic person?

The prejudice that e-bikes are just for the elderly and the must-haves is still pretty persistent. The manufacturers show with their ever-growing model ranges that e-bikes for the “normal” cyclists can be interesting. In addition to every day and city bikes, trekking electric bicycle and e-MTBs are already in widespread use, offering the driver a higher comfort and a higher range to get even more out of the bike. Evidently, e-bikes are used more often than non-electric bikes and are increasingly replacing shorter car journeys, offering the undeniable advantage of being able to cycle to work without annoying drops of sweat.

Types & purpose

Which e-bike types are there?

The Term E-Bike is often used as a synonym for Pedaled and basically describes all bicycles with electronic drive assistance. Originally, e-bikes describe vehicles in which the driving speed can also be regulated independently of pedaling, for example by turning the handlebar the great source by best bike us. These are hardly sold in Europe.



  • Engine assistance up to 25 km / h
  • as soon as they step, they notice the drive
  • Despite engine assistance classified as a bicycle


  • Engine assistance up to 45 km / h
  • Mofakennzeichen and rearview mirror required (counts as a motor vehicle)

What is better for me – an e-bike, an e-bike or an e-mountain bike?

The classification of e-bikes and paddles in categories such as e-trekking or e-bike is not yet as mature as with classic bicycles and is made relatively free by the individual manufacturers. This does not mean, for example, that city paddles are only for the city, but that it is marketed by the manufacturer as the perfect bike for the city. The same goes for e-trekking bikes, which of course you can use in city traffic as well. However, the categorization gives the buyer a good indication as to whether the bicycle corresponds to the desired purpose.

E-City, E-Urban, E-Comfort: Comfortable and comfortable wheels for the city with STVO equipment, very upright seating position. Fewer courses, often low entrants.

E-trekking, e-touring: sportier than E-City, partly with suspension for unpaved roads. Are good for long distances, often available as S- paddles. Mostly more gears than city e-bikes.

E-MTB, e-Endure, e-mountain bike: pure off-road machines. Front suspension and often also rear, disc brakes, no STVO equipment (except S-paddles). Perfect for steep climbs and arduous mountain tours must be the best bike us, but also flow trails and one or the other tour.


Laws & Traffic

Do I need a driver’s license or insurance for e-bikes?

A driving license is only required for e-bikes with a higher engine power than 250W, including S-paddles. Here, however, a moped test certificate is sufficient. Also, a * compulsory insurance is necessary with the S- paddles, as well as a Mofakennzeichen. Normal e-bike paddles do not need a driver’s license or insurance.

Can I also use the marked cycle paths?

Pedicels are subject to the same rules and regulations as bicycles and, like any other bicycle can be used on cycle paths and cycle paths. Again, there are some exceptions for S-paddles. S-Pedicels are only allowed to use the cycle paths outside closed villages, only if this is indicated by the sign “Monas fries allowed or the engine support is switched off. For bicycle lanes, one of the additional signs “mopeds free”, “motorcycles free” or “motor vehicles free” must be attached. Also on forest and forest roads, tourist paths cycle ecotourism or in pedestrian areas, which are free for bicycles and we go to best bike us, S-paddles are not allowed to drive – unless driving with motorcycles was expressly allowed.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Here, too, comes the fact that paddles are classified as bicycles. It is not mandatory to wear a helmet, but we strongly recommend wearing a helmet. In S-paddles since 2012, there is a helmet law, the helmet must be “appropriate” the vehicle. With the “bicycle-like” S- paddles, a bicycle helmet is enough, but there is no legal certainty here. Those who want to play it safe (physically and legally) prefer to choose an ECE-approved motorcycle helmet or a special e-bike helmet.


Battery & Charging

What do I have to pay attention to in terms of batteries?

Li-ion batteries are currently the best choice and are therefore used on most e-bikes. It should be noted here, above all, that too short or too long charging times worsen the charging cycles, and in the worst case damage the batteries. A deep discharge should be avoided at all costs, as it can lead to significant impairment of storage capacity. The battery does not forgive, for example, if it is stored in a completely empty state for a long time. Please read the operating instructions of your e-bike. In addition, modern Li-ion batteries do not lose their capacity when only partially charged. It is even better the best bike us if the battery is not run completely empty each time. Only drive your battery about every two months completely empty and then load it again completely full.


How long does a battery last and how much does a replacement battery cost?

Batteries have a limited lifespan, which is extended year by year by resourceful developers. The durability and warranty of a modern lithium-ion battery are often specified in full charge cycles, so the complete loading and unloading of the battery, which move on average between 500 and 1000. This corresponds to a range of at least 20,000 to 40,000 kilometers. After that, the battery of e-bike has a reduced capacity (about 85%) and correspondingly lower performance. A replacement battery costs depending on the make between 500 and 800 euros, with significantly lower capacity and around 300.

What is the charging time for an e-bike and how much electricity do I use?

Of course, this depends on the size of the battery. The charging times for a full charge are usually between 2.5 and 9, sometimes even up to 11 hours. The best bike us and partial load is usually faster: 80% of the load is reached after only one or one and half hours. The power consumption is based on the power consumption of the battery. If they have a 250 Wh battery, the consumption is about 0.3 kWh, since a certain part of the electrical energy is always lost through losses in the charger. With an average electricity price of around 27 cents per kWh, a full charge will only cost you 8 cents.

What does recuperation mean?

Recuperation can be translated with energy recovery and describes the regeneration of the braking energy in the electric motors or e-bike. This, of course, the durability of the battery while driving significantly increased. The effect also applies to longer descents, where more energy is gained than converted. However, only hub motors (front or rear) are suitable for recuperation.


Equipment & Technology

Can I retrofit my normal bicycle as a pedelec?

Anyone who wishes to be supported by an electric motor but would like to keep their old bike can retrofit it to an e-bike with the help of a conversion kit. Such paddles conversion kits are available from various providers and are priced between 750 and 2,000 €. Usually, such a retrofit kit includes the hub motor, battery, and charger, handlebar display and control unit as well as a harness the great road bike of the best bike us.

However, there are some things to consider before or during the conversion:

  • Enough installation space for the engine
  • Frame must be able to withstand the additional weight of about 10 kg
  • Rear hub motor works only with derailleur
  • Brakes must be designed for the higher weight

What is meant by a starting or pushing aid?

Some e-bikes and paddles have a traction help, sometimes called pushing aid. This allows the motor support even without pedal movement up to a speed of 6 km / h. The advantage: Easier starting and moving the bike even at higher loads.

Which position of the electric motor is best – front, center or rear?

Currently, three different drive concepts have been established on the market, with different advantages and disadvantages:

Rear hub motor:

An extremely direct power transmission and the possibility of energy recovery (recuperation) are the biggest advantages of the rear hub motor. Rear engines, however, must be combined e-bike with derailleurs. Therefore, they have no coaster brake. Another disadvantage: the handling is very tail- heavy, especially if the battery is placed in the rear


The optimum position in the bottom bracket area offers a genuine and safe ride, as the center of gravity changes only minimally. Compared to the hub motor, a center motor engages with a gear in the chain strand and thus helps best bike us on the belt drive. A mid-engine can be combined with all types of gears, including a hub gear and coaster brake (eg Kalkhoff, Panasonic).

Front wheel hub motor:

Sits in the front hub and works with any form of gear shift – including with coaster brake. When starting off on the mountain or on loose, wet and slippery surfaces, you may experience problems with a front wheel motor because the wheel can slip away. So be careful.



How much does an e-bike/pedaled cost, and which parts are decisive for the price?

The price range for e-bikes is enormous, as with other bicycles. While entry-level models are already available from € 1000, you can spend up to € 10,000 and more on high-end e-bikes. Here, of course, different features play a role, crucial for the e-bike extra charge compared to “normal” bicycles, but of course the complete powertrain, especially engine and battery. Other properties such as material (carbon, aluminum), circuit and suspension are also responsible for the price level.

What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing?

As with all vehicles applies: Prior to buying rather best bike us for complete a test drive before buying the cat in a poke. Try different models, sizes and component variants (eg circuit), and adjust their selection for the intended purpose. Some dealers offer interested buyers the possibility to rent the bike over a few days.

Check the following factors during the test drive:

  • Is it easy to switch on the mountain?
  • Do the brakes have enough traction?
  • Are the controls(display, shifter, etc.) easy to reach?
  • Can the e-bike be worn well?
  • Is the battery easy to remove?

Where can I find the best e-bikes?

E-bikes are now part of the fixed inventory in both the mail order and in most bike shops and are offered by a variety e-bike of established manufacturers. However, the best bike us models can be argued as in every product segment. The only thing that is certain is that on Best Bike in the category e-bikes and peddles you will get over 3,500 offers for e-bikes and peddles all over Germany, and the bike is sure to be what you are looking for.

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