Documents required for buying a new bike

documents required for buying a new bike

Check which documents required for buying a new bike to buy to have fun driving without overpaying. Watch out! This article is very long, but I present in its proposals for MTB bikes 27.5, 29 inches, cross, road and trekking and, of course, city bikes. I will help you choose a bike so that you can get the most out of driving while not spending too much.

Buying a new bike

This entry in was inspired by Mizan manuals from started writing a series of guides titled “What bike to buy for XXX zlotys?”. I really like the idea of helping me buy a bike and I know that a large group of people buying a bicycle, gadget or whatever else in the first place sets the budget in which they want to fit. Because in the first place we look at the price, not the parameters of the equipment, our joy of purchase is quickly gone. Of course up to a certain amount. Anyway, with the purchase of a bicycle is a bit like ice cream. The cheapest ones usually taste rather poorly. Those from the ice cream parlor will be more expensive and tastier. The price of the most expensive is not necessarily conditioned by the incredibly delicious taste but the whole shell with which they are served and the atmosphere of the place. The cheapest ones make the least joy, and the most expensive is usually too expensive to eat on a daily basis. Purchasing a very expensive equipment will not make that you can easily travel 200 kilometers in one day. Replacing a derailleur to a much more expensive one will only give you instantaneous satisfaction, and its potential will probably not be used properly by you. On the other hand, buying the cheapest bike will significantly affect “driving pleasure”.

I am a person who can not afford cheap things. I do not consider myself a snobbish, but in the eyes of many people, I am perceived as such. I do not earn a lot, I can not afford to lose. That’s why every purchase I have to think over and over again. When I plan to buy an item, I follow simple rules. First, I ask myself if I need it absolutely. Then I write my expectations and finally I am looking for the right product. I put it on the list of things to buy along with the date of adding. If I have already put off the cash, the item is on the list for a month. When a month later I recognize that I absolutely have to have it then I buy it. Such a system saves a lot of cash. By the way, I’m not playing around with my farts. I never borrow from others, I do not take loans. If you have no money for something, wait until you have it. Buying a bike on credit is stupid.


When choosing a bicycle, pay attention to the size of the frame. You do not want to squash on a little bike right? What to pay attention to and how to save yourself, having an ill-fitting frame, I wrote in the entry: Rise and size of the bicycle frame. How to choose a bicycle frame for growth?


I’ve been showing off the proposals I’ve chosen so well. Bikes are listed in random order. You will not find pictures of all bikes in this entry because I promised myself that from this year all photos presented on the blog will be made by me. I do not rule out adding more photos here at a later time if I manage to get some of these machines. These are not proposals for the purchase of the “first bike” but the equipment for a person who already drives more than 1 – 1.5 thousand kilometers a year and looks for equipment that will be effective and without failure to serve for a long time.


Kross Level R6. For the amount of approximately PLN 3399, we receive a bicycle on the almost full Deore equipment. The rear derailleur is SLX, so the shelf is higher. The brakes are hydraulic, two-piston Avid DB1, which is a cheaper version of the Elixir 1 model. Like a little lime, but on the other hand, no unbranded plastic crap was pressed here. To the set, we get quite cool WTB rims and such hubs JoyTech, in the set we find good Schwalbe Rapid Rob. The bike is equipped with the Suntour XCR 32 RL Coil shock absorber. Somehow I’ve never been a fan of this company, so for me, on average … Weight with pedals: 13.9 kg.

CTM Caliber 1.0 This bike is a Czech movie ?! Not really because of Slovak! First of all, a nice air cupid named Rock Shox was put in it. Secondly, it weighs only 13 kilos, which is a good result among competitors with similar equipment. Thirdly, the saddle in this model is probably enough for you. The producer did not save on hoops. We get everything for PLN 50 more than in the case of Kross. You can find the rest of the specification on the manufacturer’s website. PS I have already said that the best bike us hailed this bike the best 27.5 inches last year?


Canyon Yellowstone AL 4.9 is one of many amazing Canyon bikes that, as always, shatters its price/quality ratio. He also used weight in this bike. The bike costs 3200 zlotys with shipping and even raises the weight of the Kross B8 for which you need to put as much as 4399 zlotys. Cube Acid 29 is a bit better, but its price is close to PLN 580. What do we get for such a Tajik? Good Cupid, Alivio’s crank on Octalink instead of Hollowtech (for unoriented – it is a noticeable minus), full 10-row Deore group outside the rear derailleur (XT – two classes above).

Cube Attention 29 is primarily a nice airborne Rock Shox amor, the drive is a 10-row group Deore (rear derailleur XT). Hubs and brakes are two lower groups of Acer. Warning! Korba is an Alivio model (just like in the case of Canyon). It is not based on the stiffer and more reliable Hollowtech II support, but on the older Octalink, and this is a bit weak. The weight is also not bad, because it is 13.45 kg.

New bike to buy

Kross B4 – illustrative photo. Model B6 differs only with accessories

Kross Level B6. First of all, Kross did not take a good crank like its predecessors. In return, we get for sure an inferior armor, saddle, which, like the ones installed in Cube, will be rather moderately comfortable. That it would not be. It’s not me complaining about the saddles signed with the Cube and Kross logo. I only share the insights of friends and acquaintances who usually whizz in budget pants with or without an insert. If I were to look for a twenty-nine, I would pay attention to this model. It is not better than Canyon, but you can test it in almost every store in Poland, which is an undoubted advantage!


In this category, manufacturers have a different approach to the topic documents required for buying a new bike and some of them offer full road equipment, while others are betting on mountain groups. The same is with the front fork, which can be stiff or shock absorber. What approach is better? Hard to say. It all depends on whether the cross bike is to serve you mainly to drive on asphalt or if you plan to jump out into the mountains. I do not know completely on these bikes. I have never sat on such a thing, which is why I decided to remain silent about this topic. Or let’s do it differently. I am waiting for your suggestions in the comments, let the learning from reading this blog work both ways. Come on, surprise me!

A particularly important issue because decent preparation results in a bike for travel when driving. Planning and preparation for the bike for travel to success


Cannondale CAAD8it is primarily a very well-refined aluminum frame (1150 grams for a size of 56 cm). The fork is made of carbon. Bridge, steering wheel, seat post are also made by Cannondale. Saddles and hubs are branded by the brand but for the bank smashed by someone else. The basic equipment is 9-row Shimano Sora, who finally got a normal shift system. The wheels are just ok. They have a lot of spokes so they will not bend easily on our holes. And the spokes are ordinary steel, so even if you fuck something up for one piece you will pay a maximum of 4 zlotys, not 15 zlotys. Do not worry about 9 rows. They are enough for you and they are not expensive to maintain. The saddle is probably suitable for exchange for something more comfortable. Schwalbe Lugano tires are just ok If you get them, look at what’s more sticky. The manufacturer did not give a weight of about 9.5 kg without pedals. This bike will provide you with many pleasant moments as long as you get on it often.

Canyon Endurance AL 6.0 is a model whose appearance and price / quality ratio is insane! Do you want to have a great style like For five hundred more than in the case of CAAD8 you will get a full 11-row 105 (5800) group, Mavic Aksium One wheels, very good Continental Grand Prix 4000s II tires and a decent Selle Italia X1 saddle at the very beginning. Sounds like a sweet deal. In addition, the weight without pedals is only 8.2 kg. It’s a real chisel! Unfortunately, the cost of living will be much higher than in the case of two lower class, 9-row Sory. I feel something that it is this bike that will make the most of the hummocks I have mentioned. PS If you have such a bike in size 54 cm, I would like to hug him for two weeks to test and describe on the blog 🙂

Romet Huragan 3.0 . I know that Romet is associated by many of you with cheap and crappy bikes. No less no more this company has a very interesting bicycle based on an aluminum frame, carbon fork and 10-row Tiagra. Interesting here are hubs based on machine bearings, Selle Italia Nekkar saddle and Schwalbe Durano tires. Unfortunately, I have never driven on Rome’s road, so it’s difficult to say anything about geometry, frame and seat post, steering wheel and bridge. I pay attention to this model because it is cheaper by 150 PLN from CAAD8, and has much better equipment. Parameters are the most interesting, but the appearance of the bike does not knock down. He definitely tries to look too PRO-cruising.


Kross Trans Global. Personally, I’m not a fan of putting a shock absorber on trekking. Unfortunately, virtually all manufacturers do this way. Here is Suntour NRX D RL. Similarly, I treat disc brakes, which I think should be avoided like a fire in trekking bikes. Of course, if you plan to go to a civilized place, you will not have a big problem when something breaks down. Much worse when the eleventh day was zapierdalasz by the Icelandic interior, and suddenly there was no brake fluid. At Trans Global you will find saws from the Acera group. All the rest is a strange mix from Deore XT (derailleur) to Avery. This model has 3 × 9 gears. Despite the harsh words, the model of the Polish producer is quite interesting. Kross took care of your ass and installed the gel seat Selle Royal Lookin Athletic. Personally, I’m not a fan of thick saddles, but it is saved by gel filling. I think that many people are fine documents required for buying a new bike. The Schwalbe Marathon Supreme with an anti-puncture insole called RaceGuard will provide low “failure rates”. When you have problems with a comfortable position behind the wheel, you’ll appreciate the adjustable bridge! Taking into account the shock absorber, saw blade, trunk, fenders, footrest and lighting, weight of 16.4 kg was predictable.

Diamant Elan Esprit. Regardless, Diamant is my favorite producer of trekking bikes. Additionally, this year the company celebrates its 130th anniversary! Elan Esprit has a 9-row drive that is a mixture of Alivio and Deore. Kroba is also Deore, what is appreciated and praised! Unfortunately, the producer surrendered to fashion and pressed a circular saw to this model, just like Kross, even using the same model. Fortunately, there is no shock absorber! The only thing I miss is the bridge and seatposts signed with the Bontrager logo. Generally, Diamant produces quite light (as for trekking) and comfortable bikes. As we are at ease, it is to be secured by the Selle Royal Avio Unisex saddle. I’m guessing it will be hard. However, ergonomic grips will surely delight not one! I can not dig up the weight, but I’m guessing it will be around 15 kilos.


Dahon Vybe C7S – folding bike is a bike for … trips even further than those for which you take your trekking. It works everywhere where you have to use another mode of transport: you will transport it with a small car without any excitement, you can send it as a checked baggage on the plane for free using a train. And if you like driving around the city, jump from time to time on a bus, streetcar or subway – no problem, the squad discreetly will accompany you. In addition, it’s an extremely comfortable bike – it is riding in an upright position, almost as if you were walking … only you are still riding!

Gazelle Toer Populair T3 city bike is a bike as easy to use as it is long-lived, as useful as it is elegant. And if they were to announce a competition for the best feature – they would all take first place ex aequo. It’s a bike for practical, elegant and … lazy people. Gears in the hub, internal brakes are essentially maintenance-free equipment, and everything you had to remember about when going on a bike is already near townspeople. Do not forget to take the U-lock key, possibly. And an elegant work briefcase.

Batavus CNCTD – the face bike has a lot, because under this name there will be bikes with a packet in the front or tricycles. But it is also the term for a typical bike with reinforced frame, durable rims and additional space on solid trunks – rear and front. A freight bike is a townspeople with full mouth: it has hub gears, internal brakes, a stable double leg, lighting constantly by bike, bell and steering lock, thanks to which the standing bicycle does not fall under the weight. Weight: 18.4 kg. Cost: approx. PLN 2,200


When writing this post I spent a few days looking for interesting bicycles and best buying guide instructions in a variety of ways are available to the best bike us constantly free. During this search I came across many asexual machines produced by asexual producers. These bikes, which did not break anything, were not included in this entry. The exception is Specialized, which turned out to be too expensive compared to the competition, while not offering anything “WOW” in return. I have one objection to the bicycle equipment that I presented here. Well, my experiences with several pairs of Alivio and Deore mannequins made in rapid-fire technology and each of them spoiled quite quickly. However, the LX model (currently SLX) on which I traveled and drives further has been operating faultlessly for several years. Simply, if you lose your handles, aim for a higher model and you will be satisfied! If you do not have so much money, Guide: How to buy a good used bike?).

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