Choosing contact types of bike pedals for a beginner

Choosing contact types of bike pedals for a beginner

Contact types of bike pedals, about which a couple of decades ago, few have heard, today gained extraordinary popularity. At first, they were used only by professional athletes, but gradually they began to take root among amateur cyclists. The principle of their action consists of a rigid connection of the pedal case with special sports shoes with the help of a metal spike that is bolted to the sole.

Contact pedals

Contact pedals have many advantages compared to conventional bicycle elements:

  1. The athlete has the opportunity to increase their efficiency. Contacts provide an opportunity to use the technique of circular pedaling, which allows you to increase speed and reduce cyclist fatigue.
  2. Contact pedals significantly reduce stress on the knee joints of a person. This is very important for health, as the risk of getting a serious illness drops significantly.
  3. The movement of the cyclist when using this design becomes completely safe. The foot will not slip and jump, even when driving in the most adverse conditions.

Knee loads caused by cycling are not typical of the human body. Pedal-top talk forced to perform movements, like squats on one leg. In this case, the entire load moves only on the knee joint. If a person pedals with contacts, the load can be evenly distributed on both legs. Such actions preserve the health of the joints and have a positive effect on their long-term functioning. Learn more best cycling lessons for beginners

Bike with contacts allows the athlete to better control difficult situations. Fear of losing the pedal is completely absent. He can even jump over obstacles, pulling the bike by the pedals under him. For professional cycling contact pedals – an indispensable thing. They help participants in track or road races to develop sharp and powerful jerks.

Regular top talk hardly copes with this task. Especially well the advantages of contacts are felt when overcoming rough terrain. A cyclist, closely associated with his bike, has the ability to maneuver, getting up. Through various irregularities, he can get over with the help of jumps.

Pedals and effects

For inexperienced cyclists, the advantages of contact pedals can be disadvantages at the same time. For example, hard fastening shoes can lead to a fall during a stop. Mainly due to the lack of reflex to remove the foot from the pedals to the side, and not up, which is acquired on average for a couple of weeks more or less constant driving.

Completely avoid problems with quilting will help only quite a lot of experience in the use of such a device. Despite the obvious advantages of contacts, experts recommend acquiring them to advanced cyclists with riding experience. For beginners cycling or riding riders in the park on weekends, it is better to use ordinary pedals. But at the same time, it is impossible to allow large loads on the knee joints.

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