Canoes a Bike

Canoes a Bike

Canoes a Bike are the best bike us a model for the bike rider maybe new and old-

Canoes a Bike- Cannons are simply the tubes that attach the saddle to the bicycle frame and get more of best bike us for a cycling. However, despite the simple function, one must know how to choose the correct model.


The diameter of the canopy does not give much room for choice. It must be compatible with the frame diameter to fit correctly. If it is larger, it will not enter the frame and if it is smaller, it will be loose and cannot be fixed. There is a certain standard in the market, but there are exceptions and old cannons with measures outside these standards. Although the diameters differences are millimeter, it is very important to use the correct measurement, as the continuous use of a wrong measurement can damage the picture in the long term. There are also adapters for using a smaller canister on a larger diameter frame, some of them work properly, but it is not the ideal solution. Canoes a Bike always have kept repair kits regularly-


This is the most important measure because it will define how much the rider can lift the saddle. In addition to checking if the height is correct for those who are going to pedal, you also have to be very attentive to how much the cannot enter. It is necessary that it crosses the junction between the tubes (see figure), otherwise, there are chances of damaging the frame even in the first walk.

Here is some scope for choices. If the same bicycle is used by more than one person, it is necessary to choose the canoes a bike that meets the highest person. In the case of buying a special canon more expensive, a bigger size is also interesting, since it will give more chances to use it on other bikes or in future pictures. But then, why not always buy a bigger cane? For two reasons: they do not always fit in all the frames (because the seat tube can change in diameter internally) and because it is an unnecessary extra weight.


Can be made of steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. The main difference will be the weight.


Although not the most important place to take the weight off the bike, the canopy also represents an opportunity. A canister of the same diameter and size can have a weight difference of more than half a kilo. Here is the same general rule of the other components of the bike: the lighter, more expensive. There are competition cannons that are so mild as to restrict use according to the athlete’s weight.


The design is another important feature. Here we are not talking about the design of the tube itself, but about the mechanism that holds the saddle rails – popularly called “chestnut”.


These rails have different diameters in the more specialized saddles and some canes end up having a specific chestnut for a certain maximum diameter. Some saddles also have an oval shape rather than a circular shape, causing this incompatibility. There are also special systems, in which instead of a pair of rails, the saddle has another type of docking. In this case, the canon also needs to be compatible.

Mechanism of operation

Another characteristic of the chestnut is how it allows the alignment of the saddle, both in the angle that it makes with the ground, and in its horizontal distance. Some mechanisms are much more complicated to use the best bike us than others or do not allow for such a precise adjustment. There are nuts that use only one bolt for attaching and adjusting the saddle and others that even use up to 4.

Graphic scale

Some canoes have along the tube a scale with numbers printed, which serves as a reference of height for the cyclist. So, who needs to constantly lower or raise the saddle or share the bike, can write down or memorize the correct measurement canoes a bike when they need to readjust. Some nuts also have a scale for angulation and an arrow for the correct fit with the saddle rail scale.


Special Technologies

Cans with suspension

There are some canons in the market that have integrated suspension system. Contrary to what some people think, this does not replace the rear suspension of the bike as they are not attached to the wheel and only work with the rider sitting. The use is only indicated for greater comfort in bicycles of walking, especially due to the extra weight. An exception has recently been made: the German brand Canyon launched a damping system with the carbon structure of the canopy tube, offering greater comfort on road bikes without adding extra weight.

Anti-vibration canopies

Unlike suspension cannons, these promise to reduce the vibrations generated on competition road bikes. It seems a small detail, but we are talking about athletes who stay for long hours on the saddle.

Adjustable Canisters

As we showed in issue 009, the great novelty of the market is the adjustable canoes. They allow quick adjustment (including through the handlebars) of the canopy height, without the need to dismantle the bike.


These models, instead of following a straight line, have a backward slope. This serves to better adjust the saddle position in some frame and structure models of athletes. Sometimes a frame may get small for the rider and best bike us a setback canister will reduce the problem.

Aerodynamic Canopies

Some canyons of the road and triathlon bikes have an oval shape to be more aerodynamic. However, they are compatible only with specific frames is canoes a bike.

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