BMX Forever?

BMX forever

Get to know the history of three BMXers from the best bike us who, besides being a reference in this sport, is also an example of life and BMX forever experience!

Our dreams are not realities, so we call them dreams. If we look at how important determination, training and even the gift of professional pilots is, we will realize that there is something wrong with a lot of people. This something wrong is the “determination” only in words that some young people say they have with our sport, and the lack of commitment to the future, translated by sloppiness with studies and work, that will be lacking during life.

BMX Forever?

I often follow the non-concern of guys who practice BMX with the school world. And the worst of it is that the vast majority who have no concern for this world is the poorest, and thus they will suffer the most or continue to deprive themselves of various things in the future. They think the BMX world is liberation, but studies are what really bring freedom.

BMX bike riding and having a great level is an enviable thing for the few. However, do not get caught up in the phrase “BMX Forever”, that is, BMX forever because this philosophy will not work. Throughout my career in the sport, I have always been able to see that those who spent more hours in sports are now the ones who have the worst jobs, or who are still unemployed and needy, even having to quit the sport.

On the other hand, those who were good and who for some reason managed to discipline the time between BMX riding and dedicating themselves to something of the intellect are those who live better in the present or who will live better in the future, enjoy the sport for a long time, always with a good bike, always also with money in the pocket to travel and meet new peaks.

We need good references, not only in maneuvers but in examples of life. Cristian, Marcelo and Renato, BMXers of the northeast region, managed to combine sport with studies and work. Today, in addition to being a benchmark in the sport, they are successful professionals and, therefore, can continue practicing BMX.


Cristian Helly, 24 years old, from Cabo de Santo Agostinho – PE

Rider Pernambucano of high level, Bob, as it is also known, has in his sports curriculum the feat of being one of the first to execute a flair with precision and mastery, being until today one of the best pilots of Pernambuco.

Cristian graduated in Civil Engineering and today he consecrates doing important projects, not only for large contractors but also for the good of the BMX forever Nation. One of his first projects was the public runway of the city of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, state coast. Currently, in addition to other projects, he is dedicated to creating new lines for an equally public track that can be built in the outside area of the sports gymnasium O Geraldão in his state.


Cristian’s tip

For those who are starting on BMX: “Try to have fun and always think of your neighbor, your friend on the road, helping you to learn and maintaining humility, because there will always be those who can develop the maneuvers better, but we have to have the humility and love of neighbor always. ”

Without being deceived: I’ve been BMX forever since I was 13 years old. From the age of 20, when I was in the middle of college, I got carried away. Sometimes I was in a test of calculation thinking to finish soon to leave to pedal with the Galera. Thinking more about maneuvering than class was disrupting school.

I had to learn to reconcile things. When I got to work, there were days when I left work at 5:00 p.m., I would arrive home at 6.30 p.m. and leave for Porto de Galinhas at 7:30 p.m., returning home around midnight. To protect yourself from the illusion of “BMX Forever”, remember that BMX is fun, something for your good, to be in communion with the crowd. In our country the sport is expensive and keeping your bike is difficult too.


Marcelo Rodrigues, 22 years old, from João Pessoa – PB

Marcelo may not be a reference in the school world; however, he is a success in the world of graphic arts and, therefore, can be considered a reference for our sport. Known for having an aggressive and technical background when it comes to Real Street, at the same time that he is a sports activist, Marcelo draws attention to having unusual creativity in video and image editing. He is an entrepreneur in this area, with a very promising future.

Recently, he bought his first plotter machine and with it sees the possibility of having, in addition to his own work schedule, a better financial situation, which will allow him to continue on BMX forever.


Marcelo’s Tip

For those who are starting in the sport: “BMX, persistence, and perseverance are fundamental factors for its evolution. Ride your bike whenever you can take your time and guide to Checklist for bike tours, watch the videos and ask friends for tips. Never forget the true essence of the sport: walk for love and fun, BMX is it. ”

Not to be deceived: ” Living BMX forever here in Brazil is still a very difficult task, it is not enough to just walk well, the reality of being a sponsored athlete only affects a small part of the Brazilian pilots, not abandon their studies and try to reconcile them with the best bike us sport is the most effective way to secure your future.”


Renato Tavarez, 24 years old, from Fortaleza – CE

One of the pilots of Ceará with more videos and editions signed on the web. Rueiro as few, Renato Tavarez is part of a select group of pilots who do not do ugly wherever they arrive, both in the matter of maneuvers as in the question of identity. We could say that one of the guy’s specialties is in slipping anyway, but as the text makes reference to the intellectual world, we will mention that he is a specialist in calculations.

Graduated in mathematics, Prof. Tavarez currently works on a project to train teachers from 3rd to 5th year, in the municipality of Caucaia – CE. Looking ahead to a master’s degree, his future as an educator, whether as a teacher in public high school or as a professor of higher education, is guaranteed.


Renato’s tip

For those who are starting in the sport: “I am passionate about sports. I started practicing at age 15, and when I started there was not as much structure as there is today. Public lands have been built; there is greater access to equipment and videos facilitating information. At BMX, you need to have willpower, know a little about the sport and have a place where you can start practicing along with someone with more experience. Then you have fun and fall in love. ”

Undeterred: “We have to know how to reconcile both the sport and the work and studies so as not to fall into this illusion of BMX Forever. I know that those who practice the sport felt very good and passionate, but it’s no reason not to study and just ride the best bike us.”



It is important to continue dreaming, persisting, believing that one day you will be a great pilot. Maybe you can get sponsorship from a big company and have the opportunity to travel the world and live the sport. Dream, but dream awake. Know that this is difficult to happen, not only in the USA but anywhere in the world. It is absurd and ignorant to think that this can happen easily.

The main thing, as the three pilots pointed out, is to have fun, to walk for passion, not forgetting the example they gave on the intellectual plane. Want a reference to get started on BMX? Follow these guys: study hard, dedicate yourself to learning a profession with the same enthusiasm as practicing the sport. This is what will guarantee you a more dignified future, in which you do not have to deprive yourself, for example, of having a good bike to continue the rolls. Then you can experience the ideology of “BMX Forever”.

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