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Best way to the all season bike riding known to a beginner must be essential. Everyone in life wants to change. Nearly three years ago, I decided to change something in my life. I sat at work all day, then I was sitting at home and the only time to move was on the weekend. Hence the idea that I would commute to work every day with my bike. In order to realize it, I had to change my approach as well as the cycle of the day, give up a few things or exchange them for others. I commute to work every day, regardless of the weather, so I think that I already have some knowledge of this topic that I can share with you. Let’s get started! the best bike us a great moment for your cycling tours.

“Who walks and used bicycles atlanta will lose – say – two years more for commuting but will live an average of seven years longer than a person who only moves by car. Five years more life – it’s worth thinking about it.”


It’s easy to say, but difficult to do

Because if I do shopping in my favorite gallery, I would buy coffee at my favorite gas station, etc.? Should I come wet? Scroll? Frozen? Riding a bicycle is associated with a slightly different lifestyle. It focuses on the district in which we live, the places we travel through and the near vicinity of the destination. The first days are the time when everything starts slightly with euphoria and anxiety. We are discovering new shops, whose existence we had no idea because we did not notice them, because there was no free parking space nearby, because there was no time, because there was something else. Thanks to shopping in local stores, you save time on continuous driving because shopping centers, which you first need to get to, and then lose a lot of time to get around them. If I need to do shopping there, I do it once every two weeks or once a month. I buy the rest of the items in nearby stores, by the way allowing them to survive a painful clash with large hypermarkets. Do you lack the motivation to change something? Check why you should ride a bike or drive a bike.

Riding your bike to work?

Begin by riding your bike on a free day that moves every day to work/school. Check if there are bicycle paths or places where cycling is forbidden. Set a new route using online maps to commute faster and more efficiently. Avoid crossings with traffic lights and look for solutions created typically for a bike path map. You can now choose corked streets, because, from today, traffic jams do not interest you. However, first of all, determine how long it will take you to get there on two wheels. Are you afraid to move from a thick pipe or do you have some responsibilities? Start by commuting two or three times a week. It is also good to check whether there is an ATM on your way from which you can take out cash, a greengrocery with fresh vegetables, a butcher shop, a small shop that gets fresh and tasty bread every day. You did not do that? Do not worry! You’ll get to it sooner or later …


Bicycle – efficient, preferably with reflections and bell (scaring pedestrians walking on the path), indicated one gear and shopping cart.
Lighting – powerful front light, preferably also a strong rear lamp.
Fenders and mud flaps – definitely yes! Can be dismantled for the summer period.
Warm hat, gloves, and a scarf – it’s worth having such a set for the cold days. The warmest gloves are so-called “Mittens”
Clip – you do not have a chain guard because it weighs too much? Your pants all have a black and ragged right leg? Think about the trouser clip. You do not want to buy an expensive designer Brooks, buy a cheaper equivalent. A piece of wide rubber or turnip will also replace a good clip.


Cycling with an umbrella leads to impotence.
These two seasons as the most unpredictable I throw into one garage. Here’s what can happen to you: high-temperature fluctuations, rainfall, big puddles on the streets, slush, gusty winds, low temperatures, fog, drizzle, etc. What is the worst weather that can happen in this period? One or two degrees above zero, drizzle and strong wind. Driving in such conditions is just as nice as a visit to a proctologist who has fingers like flesh. You’ll get wet, cold and pissed off. Then you shoot the bike in a corner and you do not know if you will ever come back to it. So how to deal with it?

When you see that a rainy weather fan or fairy or all season bike, painful bones or your search engine inform you about a 90% chance of rain – let go. There is nothing to cling to get soaked. Take an umbrella, go on foot, get on a bus or a car. On a rainy day, you can also choose a bike, but no one will pay you for it, no one will feel sorry for you, you will not get a holiday, a free drink or applause. One does not mind, others cannot imagine it. The choice is yours. At this point, I want to deny the theses of “what some cyclists” that we need to stock up thermo-active and Goretex underwear jacket, pants, fairings, gloves, hats, socks, pants and hats. Such gadgets leave the riders who make several dozens of kilometers or longer training every day. Though the truth is, they also do not use such gadgets.


Pedal and catch the sun on the chest.
When comes to cycling clothing bundles, here is a free American with one exception. Anyone who arrives in a cycling outfit should not be allowed into the building. Do not stylize yourself as a professional if you are doing a distance of 5 kilometers with a term of 30 rpm. Dress comfortably and airy or as the dress code requires in your work. If it is better to feel the wind on your face, instead of sweating in the car. Yes, I am talking about this moment, which takes place between the entrance to the heated after 8 hours in the sun of the car and the moment when the air conditioning finally begins to cool. If you drive by public transport, you know how beautiful it can smell in a bus or a tram. For the uninitiated, these are the smells of coffee in the morning, beeswax, freshly cut grass and ionized air after a storm.


First, do not be discouraged by thoughts like “in the winter it is slippery and dangerous, and the journey by ride behind bike takes a lot more time” because I personally will suck you in. To get there by car you have to first dry it, turn on the engine and unfreeze windows or at least dig out the driveway (if you park it). Do you know how long it takes for me to clear the property so that I can leave the car? 25 minutes. When I get in the car I’m sweaty if I try to sit on the wheel with Cavendish when he starts to sprint to the finish line. Removing a piece of snow to take out the bicycle takes only 5 minutes.

Secondly, always dress “too lightly”. At this point, I would like to mention that I am fully mentally fit and I have no mental illness, and my friends when they characterize me in one sentence, do not use the word “specific” in it. So why dress to freeze? Driving gives you much more heat than when walking or driving, so after a few minutes, it will make you feel warm. If you dress too warm, you will get to the spot sweaty as a Russian thermos.

Thirdly, do not over-speed. You’ll be sweating and maybe you’ll pass OTB. And what is it for you? Riding a bicycle as well as a car you should exercise extreme caution. Especially in winter.

Get more knowledge- E-Bike 101 – All questions, all answers

Fourthly, change the route in such a way that it mainly leads to the road (often only it is properly cleared of snow). The previous sentence is based on my observations regarding Tarnów. If you are clearing paths with you, I congratulate and envy you. In addition, keep take care and with bike maintenance guide. Once a week, you can clean and oil the chain. From time to time, also wash the whole bike. Salt richly sprinkled by eggplants from the Municipal Roads Authority can do a lot of harm to your bike.

Fifth, the majority of cyclists I pass in the winter are people aged 50+ who move on a market highlander or bunker. Their bikes have a basket and a special sound warning system in the form of a horny creaking bottom bracket and a brightly shining chain in a dark orange color.


I hope that the above entry will encourage you to inflate inner tubes, from which air escapes from September. If not, think how much money you can save by cycling. Make a simple calculation. Maybe you feel constantly tired, broken and lethargic? Get up in the morning, eat an apple and go to work by bike! Tomorrow, get in the car or bike? The decision is yours…

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