Bike to work incentive programs

bike to work incentive programs

French workers are not too tempted by the opportunity to the work incentive programs get money for health benefits of cycling rips. The experiment, launched by Frederick Cuvier, the Minister of Transportlast summer and suggesting payments to cyclists for each kilometer, was notjustified, at least in quantitative terms.

Salvage against Car

The cyclists’ material incentive program was launched last June. The pursuit of justice played a significant role in this – the French government, which has long subsidized public and private road transport, decided to extend this practice to cyclists. In addition, Cuvier hoped that innovation would increase the number of trips to work by bicycle by half – by the beginning of the campaign, there were 2.4% of the total.

Bicycle campaign

The campaign involved 20 companies, which employ about 8.2thousand people who have received the opportunity to qualify for 25 euro cents for each kilometer done by bicycle from home to work and back. It sounds attractive – the average distance from work to home for this group is 3.5 km, providing a monthly increase of 35 euros to the salary. Nevertheless, only 419 people took advantage of this proposal, who clearly could not seriously affect the statistics across the country.

As a results

Modest results can be explained by two factors. First, the presence in the country of free car parks, which do not allow the French to appreciate the financial burden of car ownership. Secondly, by force of habit. However, even a bad result, in this case, is not so bad. At least the officials were able to make sure that the money is, of course, good, but no payments do not eliminate the need to build bicycle paths and other infrastructure. Only then will bike rides become truly attractive.

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