Bike rollers with resistance- Bike or roller what is better?

Best bike us - Bike rollers with resistance - Bike or roller what is better

These crazy comparisons of best bike rollers with resistance, prepared by I saw recently on Facebook Why crazy? Because it is difficult to compare the rollers with the bike – it’s as if we would like to compare horseback riding with dog sleds – as in both cases there are animals, but it is completely different. The comparison prepared by rollers can be seen below. And as I prefer the bike more, but I also ride on the rollers (and I recommend it to everyone!) I decided to prepare my own comparison, which you can see at the bottom of the entry.


Best bike rollers

First, let’s deal with some inaccuracies in this table. Of course, the point of view depends on the point of sitting, but I will try to do it honestly:)

  1. A decent bike will actually be able to buy for 1200 zlotys; unfortunately for 300 zlotys it will be difficult to buy “renowned rollers”. Perhaps they will be branded, but unfortunately, they will not suit the bicycle class for 1200 PLN. 500 zlotys is the amount that will be ok. It’s still less than a bike, but let’s thinks – how much the bike is part of – it has to cost. Check current roller prices and current bike prices.
  2. Comparing burned calories is a fiction of bike rollers with resistance. A lot depends on the weight, slope of the terrain, the size of the wheels in rolls or the width of the tires in the bike. According to the calculations of Endomondo, in my case, when riding on roller skates (average 10 km / h), 530 calories came out, cycling (average speed 19 km / h) 680 calories. It turns out that this is a relative thing. The other thing is that fatigue is much faster on the rollers.
  3. As for the storage and transport, I agree as much as possible – although unnecessarily these two points have been separated. If something is more difficult to store, it is normal that with transport it is not so easy.


Bicycle rollers

  1. A) Application in urban transport – let us consider the methodology of this comparison. First, the authors suggest the purchase of rolls for PLN 300, that is, on the border of decency (believe me, I know what I am talking about, and the rollers wear out much faster than the bike). Then they give calories burned during a recreational ride. So, as I understand it, it is a comparison for average Kowalski who do not ride on roller skates or on a bike every day. In this case, the rollers are in a lost position because efficiently moving around the city (so-called free ride) is feasible for people who drive a little more. The roller bladder lurks many dangers – curbs, cracked flagstones, tram tracks, holes, sand, pebbles, etc. which inexperienced person very slow. I know, of course, people who can move very fast in the city, but it requires a lot of driving, rather than pulling the rollers three times a month.
  2. B) there is one more important thing: rain. The rollers are very sensitive to rain, basically not the rollers themselves, only bearings in casters. It’s enough to ride a bit in a stronger rain, drive through a few puddles and the bearings can be either thrown away or thoroughly dismantled and cleaned. The bike, of course, is not waterproof, but even more, rain does not impress him, and cleaning and lubricating the chain is not particularly problematic. You can also ride a bike in the winter when there is snow or a snowfall in the streets. Ok, maybe it is not a great pleasure, but it is possible. Unfortunately, we do not ride at the time.


Cycling is cleaning

  1. Maintenance – the most important thing in cycling is cleaning the drive and lubricating and brake adjustment. These are not big costs. Of course, from time to time something needs to be replaced, but in my opinion not more often than in rolls. The table shows the replacement of rollers, forgetting to clean and lubricate the bearings (and also to replace them), also in more expensive rolls the exchange of the inner shoe occurs, sometimes a buckle. Also forgotten that in cheaper rolls in addition to wheels and bearings nothing else will not be replaced, so when we destroy the shoe – the rollers are most often to be thrown away. As for the wear of parts, the bike will boldly travel between 1500-2000 kilometers without replacing any part (only the cleaning and lubrication of the drive will be needed, but this is a penny cost). Ask any roller bladder what he will have to exchange after such a distance and how much it will cost him. Tips for planning and preparation for the bike for travel to success
  2. Application – laconic “very wide” was found. Here, I cannot agree – you can put your bags on the bike and go on a long trip, or even a trip around the world. Bike rollers with resistance for smooth driving need even asphalt. You can also ride a bike along the gravel, compacted soil, and sand. Especially I do not write about roller skates, because it’s a completely different category of equipment, and even so the bike beats them on the head.


Uses of bicycle

  1. Driving pleasure – here I would put an equal sign. For the simple reason – it’s two different sports and it’s hard to compare them. One will prefer the bike, the other rollers, and the other both the same.
  2. Trains – here it is impossible not to agree that the rollers engage more muscles for work. Although it is not true that the bike exercises mainly the muscles of the legs, also the abdomen, and to some extent also the hands.
  3. I would add security to myself from this table. On the bike, the probability of a tipping trailer is small, large wheels easily cushion the holes to which the skater would hit the whole leg. In addition, the bike is equipped with efficient brakes, has a very short braking distance, the skater even equipped with a break at the heel – it is not able to stop immediately, in an emergency.

It came to me that the bikes are upside down: But the rollers are not far behind. I will emphasize once again – these are two completely different sports and one can calmly complement each other. Get more knowledge – Online bicycle shop the USA is the available choices you demand. What I encourage.

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