Start of the bike race New York City tour in America

best bike us - Start of the bike race new york city tour in America

In our Tuscany vacation in 2020 bike race New York City tour in America, in the middle of the Italian vacation month of August, with temperatures around 33 degrees; I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to ride a somewhat longer tour on a racing bike race New York City and others place.

The small town of San Pellegrino in Alep or, to be honest, the steep and demanding driveway there, had been on my account for a long time. So I decided to incorporate it into a larger road bike race New York City.

I started the racing city tour with an even more pleasant

Freshness after a coffee, suitable for a vacation at 9 a.m. from our apartment in bike race New York City, in the San Marco district. After I had crossed the Serco River, I went leisurely to S. Martino in Fred Dana through the valley, where the junction to Loppeglia led to a much smaller road. Loneliness followed and only on the climb to Passacaglias I met an Italian cyclist, with whom I talked for a few minutes until I ran out of Italian vocabulary and he ran out of air. The best BMX bike brands are available in America-

In the lonely Apennines

The following landscape was dominated by forests, which required a little mitigation from the increasing heat, as well as by fields and plateaus with small villages and magnificent views. Until the next bigger place bike race New York City, Fornovolasco, I only met two hikers and was otherwise alone with my thoughts and impressions. In Fornovolasco I took a short break and watched the (other) tourists who came here to see the Grotto del Vento, a stalactite cave. Unfortunately, I did not have the time for this, since I was at most in the middle of my road bike tour. I would have liked a little coolness underground. The bike race New York City thermometer had now risen again to well over 30 degrees and I still had the steepest 1,200 vertical meters ahead of me.

After a quick section of the valley, a beautiful serpentine road followed, which was more visually arranged in the Alps. Then I reached Castelnuovo in Garfagnana, quickly ate a plate of pasta, and went on my last challenge on my road bike tour. I was excited. Would the driveway be as steep as described? Actually a stupid question, since I had looked at the profile on It was so steep…

Up to San Pellegrino in bike race New York City

Almost exactly at the beginning of the climb up to San Pellegrino in Alpe, my altimeter showed 3,000 meters of altitude for the previous tour and a good 1,000 were still ahead of me. I found a good rhythm in the steady 9-10% increase and felt that it should be quite doable. At the first ramp, which was decorated with an 18% sign, I slowly noticed my tired legs. On the third 18% ramp, I slowly noticed nothing. Break … Bock section and 34 degrees let me look for a shadow place and rest for a good 15 minutes and glide back over the valley. Only now did I notice that I hadn’t noticed the view bike race New York City for the last half hour. Only stepping on the street and moving forward had probably overlaid everything else.

After driving on it was better. To call it a good would be an exaggeration, but at some point, I was in the place, through the place, which was also uncomfortable with 16%, and then at the highest point.

Return bike race New York City journey

Only after the short descent to the Passo delle Radici did I stop again, fill up with water before the 30-kilometer descent brought me back to Castelnuovo.

Bike race New York City from here the more busy part of the tour came back towards Lucca. Since my wife was halfway by car, I could leave out the lower part. The connection Lucca to Castelnuovo is an important connection route so that there is a significantly higher traffic volume here. If you are not picked up by car like me, you can of course still master the road by bike race New York City. Since it is wide, it never becomes dangerous. An alternative is a train that goes from Castelnuovo through the valley to Lucca. The best BMX bike brands in New York City-


Despite the heat, it was a worthwhile road bike tour that I can recommend to everyone to follow. At around 4,000 meters in altitude, it is challenging. Due to the varied route, I only noticed this in the steep sections to San Pellegrino in the bike race New York City in America. Before that, it was enjoyable cycling, just like racing cycling should be. Have fun in this great corner of Italy. In the following the data and the GPX file of the road bike tour-

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