Bicycle guides – Bike maintenance for beginners

Bicycle guides - Bike maintenance for beginners

Having tools and knowing how to bike maintenance for beginners use they are two completely different things. Most people still know about the existence of a wrench and have experience using it. The bike itself is not very difficult to repair and maintain. At its core, a bicycle is a set of parts connected by nuts and bolts. For example, bicycle spokes are really nothing but long bolts. Therefore, if you know how to tighten the nuts and bolts, repairing a bicycle for you should not be an insurmountable obstacle.

Bike setup guide

The most basic type of maintenance work for bicycles is work that requires raising the saddle, adjusting the inclination of the brake lever, or adjusting the steering wheel. It is really easy to do. It is necessary to find the bolt that secures the element, grip it with the correct hex key and turn it counterclockwise until the setting element is free enough to change its position. After making the settings you need, all you need is to hold the bolt back in to fix the change. There is a small trick: to know how much you need to clamp the bolt and not to damage the parts, you need to scroll the bolt exactly as fast as you let it go to adjust.

Puncture wheel

How to fix a punctured wheel? In this case, it is difficult to provide an exhaustive instruction, since the models of bicycles are extremely numerous, and the locations of the transmission systems and brake pads are different for them both in appearance and in the method of attachment. Nevertheless, we have an FAQ on how to seal the punctured camera. Basic advice: always try to find what pierced your camera in the tire. Otherwise, after replacing the chamber, there is a high probability that the remaining nail, a piece of glass or a sharp stone in the tire will again damage the chamber.

There are two main technologies for protecting tires from punctures. A hard layer of polyurethane or Kevlar, which is not able to penetrate foreign bodies, is laid under the outer protector. Currently, all manufacturers of bicycle tires use one of these protection technologies. And some manufacturers are so confident that they give a full guarantee against punctures. Otherwise, guarantee a full refund.

There is also a way to reduce the speed of the tire. To do this, you can lay a sealant between the tire and the camera, which, when punctured, fills the hole with itself and reduces the rate of pressure loss in the tire. But for this method of protection, you have to pay a large weight of tires due to the presence of a sealant. This solution is ideal for mountain bikes, where it is quite difficult to avoid punctures.

Lubrication parts

Most importantly, do not use cheap lubricants from the nearest hardware stores and non-aerosol lubricants. Proper bicycle guides grease should be packed in an IV drip bottle. Once a month, wipe the chain with a clean cloth and apply a small amount of lubricant on it. Pedals are also desirable to lubricate bicycle maintenance course several times a month. Because of this, they will rotate easier. If you do not lubricate the chain and pedals regularly, it threatens to stretch the chain, rust and much faster wear on all moving parts of the bike, the replacement of which will hit the pocket.

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