Bike size chart: Best commuter bike

Bike size chart Best commuter bike

So, you decide to ride the best commuter bike to work. Great choice! It is cheaper, more environmentally friendly and healthier. Often, by the way, the bicycle turns out to be faster than other types of transport, because with it you are not afraid of traffic jams and search for a free parking space. But which type of bike is better to choose for commuting? Let us briefly examine the features of the main types. In principle, you can drive to work on any bike – from the cheapest to the clever model. But nevertheless, it is better to understand what will be the nature of your trips and the peculiarities of the distance in order to choose the type of the best commuter bike that will help make your trips quick and comfortable.

Direct road bikes

It gives the chance of the good review and control therefore many prefer a direct best commuter bike wheel to the bent. Here are the wheels of a standard highway plus a multistage transmission, which will allow you to quickly get to the place of work. The cost of the budget, but “decent” version of a road-driving straight start from 550 euros.

Outside xtra

This fast type of best commuter bike is good for long rides, especially if you live outside the city and the way to work lies along the highway where you can develop the speed set for this bike. It will also be possible to participate in amateur competitions or go on nature. The price range of this type of bike starts from 550 euros.

Specialized hybrid bike

Such a bike, in theory, combines the best properties of a mountain bike and road racers are the best commuter bike. That is, it is fast and durable. In practice, however, it is difficult to tell the difference between a hybrid and a highway bike with direct steering is the best commuter bike wheel. A decent machine in this category can be purchased starting at 490 euros.

Pure fix bike

Bikes with fixed gear recently returned to fashion. The advantages of fixation include the fact that there are no mechanisms and shift levers, as well as cables, which greatly simplifies the maintenance of the best commuter bike experience. But this plus turns into a minus if you live in a hilly area. The same applies to bikes with one speed. Note that many fixes have a wheel design that allows you to turn a bike into a single speed with a freewheeling. In Europe, the prices for single-speed the best commuter bike and fixes start at 550 euros.

Touring bike commuting

The best commuter bike is designed to be strong and to carry not only the rider but also the load, which is a useful feature for commuting. A good and reliable tourist bike can be bought already for 850 euros.

Cyclocross bikes used

These bikes are designed for off-road driving, but, like hybrids, they have good speed and high durability, which makes them a good option for the best commuter bike. Some models have additional settings for driving on a good road. On this bike, you can install and trunk, and wings. Prices start from 800 euros.

Best foldable bike

The ideal solution for the best commuter bike if your trip to work consists of several stages using public transport. For example, you arrive at the commuter train station by bicycle, then you go by train to the city and there you again transfer to the best foldable bike. With this option, people want to have a fast and mobile bike, which would be easy to fit the best commuter bike, did not cause problems during transportation. On a folding bike, you cannot even buy a ticket for transport. An easy folding bike can be found from 400 euros.

Best budget electric bike

Some people distrust electric bicycles, and yet they are an excellent alternative to urban transport, giving more speed and requiring less physical training than a regular best commuter bike. Their only drawback is the price, which starts from 1200 euros.

Comfort bicycles for seniors

City bike differs from other types of maximum comfort bicycles for seniors of the best commuter bike: a straight fit, soft saddle, the presence of a basket or trunk, protection of the chain and the spokes of the rear wheel from falling clothes. The disadvantage of such bikes is weight, relatively low speed and a limited number of gears. So this bike is suitable for unhurried movement around the city for short distances. Prices for city bikes start at 300 euros.

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