16 tips choose a bike for me and are just starting to ride

16 tips choose a bike for me and are just starting to ride

Have you already thought about buying a bike, but do not know which one to choose a bike for me, and are you afraid to go on the road? We decided to write some elementary tips for beginners to master two-wheeled vehicles.

Choosing a bike:

  1. Choose the frame size based on your height (there are correlation tables on the Internet).
  2. Do not buy an expensive bike if you leave it for a long time in parking lots and store it in the stairwell. You can buy an expensive bike later – when you know exactly what you want from it.
  3. Do not pursue fashion – buy a comfortable mountain bike. To do this, take a bike at the rental or from friends, ride on several types of bikes, understand what you like one, what you do not like the other. Already in the store, ask to adjust the harnesses and steering wheel for you, and if they do not have territory for a test drive, try to drive at least a store.
  4. Do not buy a bike in the first store: some sellers tend to offer the goods that they prefer to sell, and some may advise not what suits you. Spend enough time choosing a bike.
  5. Girls! Match the size and weight of the bike with its capabilities, especially if there is no elevator in your entrance. Lifting the cruiser to the fifth floor will discourage the desire to ride daily.
  6. If there is not enough space in the apartment, do not rush to buy a folding bike with small wheels – a broken fifth point will force you to make room for a serious “horse”.
  7. To protect against theft, buy a chain with a padlock or other serious lock. Do not rely on cables – even those that look impressive. Only chain or U-shaped lock, which can be supplemented with a lock on the wheel. There are also anti-theft alarm systems.
  8. And again, girls! If you want to ride in skirts and dresses, choose a bike with “wings” and with a chain, closed by a partition from getting into clothes.

Before you go on the road:

  1. Read the traffic rules, learn the necessary traffic signs.
  2. Check the serviceability of the brakes and the whole bike. Pump up the wheels.
  3. Take with you a pump, a bicycle tool kit, a plaster.
  4. Practice in the yard to turn, to brake sharply, to maneuver in a limited space, to hold the steering wheel with only one hand.
  5. Save the documents on the bike and how to choose a bike for me, copy the frame number to the phone and register the bike and its equipment and bike shop in my bike database – all this will be required in case of theft.  
  6. Include in your health insurance an additional item on the practice of extreme sports.
  7. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Secure, if necessary, wide leg with special clothespins.
  8. Do not rush anywhere, tune in a positive way. You can get rid of the fear of the road just by riding it and having driven a week or two.

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